hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to tonight in bitcoin it is still November the 21st 2017 if you're in Denver in the Mountain Time Zone you fear in Los Angeles in Hawaii and all that I just woke up from a nap I am back in the United States of America strong hand BTC is the world reserve cryptocurrency value your wealth in Bitcoin alright first of all I'm back I am a little tired he's playing a ride you're hard on the body sometimes but I'm up here late at night on the East Coast and I want to inform you I want to thank my new friends from Westminster Maryland they gave me a ride from BWI after we were in customs for like an hour they're in a big line they gave me a ride back out here where I am right now and my undisclosed location thank you my new friends from Westminster I knew you you and your kids are watching this show maybe tomorrow on Wednesday have a great Thanksgiving and hope your trip down the Virginia goes well we got to stay in touch you and everyone out there can email me at Adam at traceur helpcom if you need a crypto consultation if you just want to talk after you gave me a ride out here or whatever you want to set up give me some information hey again thanks for all the hospitality everyone who's been so great these last few days whether it be in Israel or here in the United States I am behind on everything I took a nap for four hours this evening because I was exhausted from wow Airlines and all the fun that then standing a line at BWI found that like button if you like international travel though it is fun but the plane rides at you I have to plan them a little bit better and I yes getting up early going to sleep late falling asleep on planes it's it's crazy I need to do a little bit more research I think I'm pretty much up to date on all the news so if this seems a little behind well by Wednesday everything will be better so my fast is going really well I'm it's going to be an over 96 hour fast I'm already what am I at here like 80 some hours that doesn't bother eight I can't even tell that I haven't eaten for a while I'm after this I'm gonna do my usual workout and everything I recommend these things they've really clear off the system I'm going to get to going to the dentist tomorrow morning and go to the doctor just taking care of everything okay people don't want to hear about this stuff so I thank you hotle Krypto he's the one who gave me sent me this new shirt we're in the long-sleeve times I linked to Huddle's website below I'm going to wear he sent me three surfs I'm gonna wear them all there's someone else who has sent me shirts I'm gonna wear his shirts also but hotle is linked to today you can get long-sleeve short-sleeve shirts just like this always check out that link section below we got pertinent links down there you can get your treasure and get your t-shirts from cryptography now Hottel is down there so it's awesome so something cool that just shows how how much Bitcoin is growing all over the world when I was in Israel and Tel Aviv waiting for my plane a guy named alone now I did not know his name then I've seen a loan on my channel in the chat set I think in the chats and the comments for a long time but I mean I don't know the guy could tell he's got an Israeli type a name there I'm walking around ready to get on the plane a guy comes up to me he says hey Adam and I didn't I didn't know who this guy was never seen this guy in my life he's like you're the bitcoinmeister and he says I follow your channel and then his wife comes up and she's like at how bitcoinmeister so for the first time ever um I was recognized on the street basically just for being the bitcoinmeister for for this channel so that was very flattering and but it just shows you how it's this is getting big this Bitcoin stuff is getting big I mean I just have I'm just a guy with a channel here and I'm getting recognized on the street now in a foreign country so alone I hope your flight went well also he was he was flying somewhere and uh yeah and and and so we get on the bus to the when you're in a certain airport you have to take a bus to the plane actually at the gate I know most Americans aren't used to seeing that it is kind of wacky but we're talking about Bitcoin out loud and then all of a sudden this is a Canadian Israeli guy chimes in and he's like we were talking about the traceur and he's a very smart guy out of the blue I also never seen this guy he didn't know who I was from anything but also in Iran the man on the bus starts talking Bitcoin with us so this is a good site for Israel uh but it's a good setting for Bitcoin too and we'll get to some more Israeli Bitcoin information below there's something else happened but it's amazing I'm talking on the bus going to a plane about Bitcoin with the guy just met and then another guy starts talking about Bitcoin and that other guy he was really careful about how he stores his Bitcoin he says he stores his Bitcoin on a floppy disk that's where his private key is on a floppy disk well you hear all sorts of things so uh that was cool that you know that enthused me before I got on the plane and it should make all of you happy too also if you want if you're in chat right now there's a lot of people watching this I guess there's a lot of people in Denver and Los Angeles and Honolulu that are awake and if you do the super chat if you want my attention and I'll answer your questions so uh yeah that was cool to be recognized it's also Dora I got to I didn't get to check Bitcoin very much when you're traveling but the Tel Aviv Airport is excellent in terms of Internet 9 it login to anything there you know everything's probably being watched there the security there is ridiculous security there it tells me the airport if you're getting on the plane if you're standing around is ridiculous I so so yeah the probably checking everybody's internet who's logged in there too just making sure you're not uh but I didn't get to see their Bitcoin hit an all-time high got into the 8300 I did I didn't notice that and I know that's great 1983 is the last year the Orioles won the World Series I've been waiting them they for it to get to nineteen to 83 for a while so that must mean something so I was really so in iceland's when I finally saw that Internet's not as good in Iceland but it's pretty good at that Airport and rec Ubik that was where my layover was in lovely Reykjavik um so yeah but I'm not some superstitious guy that's gonna make a magical predictions but eventually it will get to eight eight you know four eights in a row because the Chinese will pump it up to that that that's really good luck for them they started their Olympics remember on August the 8th 2008 just because they're into the eights alright okay I'm not gonna talk about that I remember a world crypto Network I'm a part of check them out they're podcasts and follow me on Twitter at Tech bulb that's still been exploding te CH B alt I link to below old I got an article from June the second about aetherium is going to overtake Bitcoin in 2018 so all you be cash people read that we've been through this before it's a it's a funny article to look back on because I've made allusions to how you know we need to have a strong hand all of us because we've heard about a theory I'm over taking Bitcoin back at the beginning of the year well there you go there's always gonna be rumors or trying to scare you out of your precious Bitcoin don't be scared of out of your precious Bitcoin people all right treszura now has the instructions on how to claim your be gold on the trays or it's easy I have not even got my trays were out of a where I have it hidden I have not claimed my be gold but we're gonna talk about some big old pal that like button if you enjoyed all the crazy be gold miss that happened died on Tuesday which we're still in Tuesday if you're in Denver and all over the lovely Mountain Time Zone and beyond I got a visit I want to visit Colorado I keep on encountering all these Colorado people there's definitely a speaking of Colorado people andy hoffman andy hoffman crypto gold central com a tribute to my Bitcoin heroes and I'm listed there that was very nice Andy thank you check out that article check out crypto gold central calm people Andy Hoffman keeping it real and Twitter also I retweet his stuff see Emmy rumors well this might be old by now was this I am Nomad said December the 10th I don't care when it happens it's going to happen people are buying big coin on that speculation it's going to happen I mean we're long-term holders we care about the price in 2020 so I don't care what day it really happens on but why not mention it because everyone loves to hear see on me you see me it makes me so happy you see I mean it's and then it's awesome it's good for Bitcoin it's gonna be patient people just have a strong can't be patient it's happening but you got to hold your Bitcoin at least until the 2020 having so their bit tracks it tracks list be gold all of us on the price doubles or even what a girl for 5% of a Bitcoin I was I was commenting on Twitter when I had a chance when I was in the airports and it was amazing that you know and they credited people's accounts to I hadn't even IIIi heard they credited people's accounts I gotta look into that – had a pump we're gonna get to the B gold in a second again – had a pump I thought it was noteworthy I don't know why it's that's one of those things they're competing with B cash they're an altcoin also good for them they had a pump I'm sure some of you were very happy that you're one of your top tier all coins had a pump again it's all about holding Bitcoin if you're new here and obviously there are not new people here where somebody asked me what I thought about Genesis mining dude you're a newbie here you don't do anything with your Bitcoin never invest in something like the cloud mining is a scam if you're in the cloud man you're part of 80% done that's it or you just haven't learned yet so here you just learned don't be part of a cloud mining I don't care which one you're part of the 80% and I think I laugh at you basically I mean this is a channel for 20 percenters this is I mean we're with the poll Bitcoin cryptocurrencies face is it's about the 20% making money off of the 80% being foolish that's how the real world really works if there weren't no you know govern if there wasn't government interference and everyone trying to bail out the 80% who constantly need to be bailed out there are no bail outs here when you lose all your money on cloud mining you lose all your money on cloud money too bad and you know gogo pump yeah so we're gonna get this so Bitcoin b2m the beat um guy and he's in contact with me the guy who's true he says he's got the real 2x he points out again in a tweet that I linked you below below in broken English of course but I mean whatever he's in China or he's in Japan excuse me excuse me I do not want to control I don't want to confuse those two countries are completely different he's got a tweet that again says that he he wants the people who invested in the 2x futures to be made whole again and that's why he's doing this to em thing which he says is 2x it's coming up real soon and hopefully I will have a representative from 2 m on the show because it's a crypto dividend a Bitcoin and we want to get our free crypto dividends and that is you know people want to buy that stuff be my guest we're gonna sell that stuff to the people who want to buy that stuff so there was a tether hack apparently and look the world didn't end oh my god oh my god the world did it dad the price drop for like a second right I don't even know I was on the plane I have no idea and now it's Bitcoin prices back to normal and even the tether prices back to normal and I don't even care about the tether price it's 99 cents whatever dudes I care about the Bitcoin thing and everyone's they always gonna bring down Bitcoin it's gonna break down the old coin boy he's gonna bring didn't do anything God why was everyone blowing that is such fun such a tool of the FUD stirs out there and then of course happy you're asking me about not half of you sorry it's an insult to the audience a lot of people are asking me about this nonsense because they get worried about every little bit of FUD strong hand people come on you know have it learn don't get caught up in this nonsense and I'm sure some of you I have thought over yet the hall they're gonna be brought down but physics is gonna be brought down do you actually have anything a big thing I don't think Americans can even have anything at BitFenix anymore beat Rex is different don't get them all confused but whatever BitFenix fails it's not the end of the world either but they're willing to answer questions apparently I don't know whatever I'm Bitcoin holder man that's all I care about all right so many rosenfeld was on TV in Israel he's from the Bitcoin Embassy in Tel Aviv a great guy so basically bitcoin got on a major television show in Israel right around the time I was leaving I link to it below if you know Hebrew you'll enjoy it even if you don't know Hebrew you'll be able to tell that they're talking about Bitcoin on like some Good Morning America type show in Israel and that's big man it's big I mean could you imagine they're talking about Bitcoin I'm Good Morning America not that I watched these mindless type of shows anyway oh my god pollute he correct you know they gotta have everyone he's gotta have a woman on there they got to have this on their ad on their everything and in Israel looks like the guys have the same thing I think they had Arabs on some of these shows you know they gotta be politically correct but it you know people probably shocked at that you know Arabs old there are plenty of Arabs live a quite a great life in Israel man I'm walking around the mall and Bair Sheva everybody's an Arab they're loving it they live if it isn't if there was no Israel there and they know this they'd be living in a freaking desert have you live in a tent there love me there's then liver though quite a lifestyle there so hey man if you're an Arab in bear Sheva what's up dudes you guys are mean I'll see dibs it was interesting you know it's interesting it's interesting to see how Israel works but yeah I have heard that there is a major Muslim political character in Israel that you know it's totally political correctness ridiculous so anyway many was on one of those shows but it's great the bitcoins being talked about on those shows isn't it great that I can just talk say anything I want to hear because I have no boss and you know I work for myself that's what I tell you you guys could have here you guys could say anything you wanted to if you didn't work for the man if he didn't work for if you just buy and hold and save your Bitcoin you'll be self-employed soon enough – I've obviously self-employed a long time because I've been you know I save I live a you know a frugal type of life a minimalist lifestyle minimalist lifestyle and that is what true freedom is is when you get to say anything you want anytime you want and no one can do anything about it baby oh yeah a pound that like button speaking about people who probably have a lot of Bitcoin and who work for themselves now charlie lee has a tweet out there to the litecoin litecoin – foundation org slash businesses check it out he lists all these businesses that carry litecoin and i that deal in litecoin all these entities that deal with like when it's like the complete litecoin list for also for all you like coin junkies out there that one is for you okay so big old going on big tracks cause that surged I mean it had been it had been really been like a point oh one five had been at one point five percent of a Bitcoin then I think when I originally wrote this it was at two point eight percent of a Bitcoin where did it go up to like five percent or something it was amazing now it's around three percent I mean to me it does make a difference I still haven't split on my treasure I don't know anyone who has yet I'm sure I do but I just have it checked out again a lot of people are emailing me it's gonna take me a long time to get back to your emails people we have Thanksgiving the United States I'm I'm running all over the place tomorrow to go to the dentist a doctor or seeing friends so be patient if you expect an email from me or you're expecting whatever for me but again it was there's clearly some grassroots love for the be gold out there because there there was a lot of talk about and that's what I've been – I've been telling people about you have all these entities trying to cause be gold flood but then I you know I've seen in social media they're people who really wanted to do well and that makes sense if you're getting it for free it's a friendly Fork a Bitcoin I wanted to do well – I want to make the most of my be gold that I got for free I wanted to be I want to be a be cash big old flipping someone actually talked about that that's a funny so if your beagle pumper you know try to call someone if you want to annoy some be cash people say it's gonna there's gonna be a flippin with uh again I don't know it's not gonna be fifteen percent of a Bitcoin I don't think it's going to be so right now I'm holding my be gold but again I and people have asked about this on Twitter and I don't have time to reply the bottom line is you want to turn your crypto dividends into as much Bitcoin as possible use your head on how to do that I can't predict the future I do think it I'll probably another pump when it goes on Polonia X it seems like these these pumps are when people realize they can actually trade it but I mean yesterday on Twitter that this earlier today on Twitter I don't know what day it is anymore um II was really wild to see all of a subdeacon the next Bitcoin the 80 percenters that who are buying this stuff I can't believe people are buying I mean if you want to buy it buy it but you're getting it for free if you did the right thing and how'd your big coin again this is the people who are buying it or the people who didn't plan it's just funny so you know pump it up you're gonna make me and all the other big coin holders wealthier because you're pumping up the price and we're gonna dump it well you know to make the most I mean it's amazing to get 3% if someone would have sold it if what someone would have sold all their big call there be gold Hey at the height they get 4% 5% in one day in one day that is just amazing that's just that's just amazing and but if it's still the play ignorant people out there saying only 5% you don't live it you're not you're not our financial protein I don't know who you are if you think only 5% is an only type of situation you had 10 Bitcoin or you had a hundred Bitcoin then you get five Bitcoin I mean that's amazing that's freaking amazing anyway um and again you compare to an old lady their savings in the bank which goes up in a year by point one percent so that that's where I'm comparing it to that's what I mean by the real world we're lucky in this world of of cryptocurrency to have this abundance that's fueled by the foolish 80% and I try to warn people not to be a member the fullest 80% I try but hey they're not gonna listen they're repulsive they're impulsive and so this is this has come their world baby you impulsive people you just helping us the people who are long-term thinkers so what else did I have that right about this situation yeah I love crypto dividends I love them and when I see stuff like that I love it and so there's still people are there too many Forks I mean that if you can't keep track of it there's sightset there's a site out there it's I don't know if I link to it below again there's here I'm trying to explain it for everyone there's never too much of free stuff if you think getting free stuff oh by the way big old people who were hating on beagle soon I'm gonna have a big old address out there for all you people who thought it was worthless and you'll send it to me for free right because it's worthless to you it's worthless to you you thought oh it's $100 it's worthless yeah okay then send it to me again it's the invitation still out there for you people who think it's a worthless I'll take any of your crypto dividends that you think are worthless well we can arrange it for free of course I'm gonna pay you a darn thing one who thinks it's worthless send it to me send me your worthless your so-called worthless trash but again where do we get so yeah people will be people want and I understand why people are pumping be gold they saw be – pump they want to be the next Bitcoin some people they I can see the you know why why people want to get in on something early everyone wants it lives the dream of getting in on something early there's only really in the end of the day it's still early for Bitcoin so getting a Bitcoin early yeah sure there's some of us who got it in the 200s or whatever you don't look at the past don't regret don't be a regret er okay just the future is ahead the future is bright you're getting in or in the early on Bitcoin and you're gonna get all these crypto dividends that have been mentioned throughout and I'm gonna keep talking about them so pound that like button every one I'll say hello to everyone in the chat briefly because it is I need to sleep again and I'm looking for again a pretty good night of sleep finally i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister members subscribe this channel like this view share this video do check out the notes section below i'll i'll do a good show at a normal hour tomorrow bye