Good evening folks I have been talking about PIVX and ARK

I will talk something different 🙂 This is analytics data for market cap ranks What was the market cap rank a month ago versus what it is today That gives very good indication! I usually look at long term, which is usually a month So that they are stable If they could sustain a month I know they are not pumped up There are 3 criteria that I follow: They should go up in Market cap rank, they should have one million dollars market cap, and 100 thousands dollars daily volume trade

Otherwise you will see lot of coins get pumped in day or two some fake coins jump like 600% example Cage coin I have not implemented all 3 criteria but this list has the coins that have 1 million dollar market cap I have not filtered daily volume of $100,000 , so look coinmarketcapcom for these green rows Lets go to these Ranks now! Bitcoin is still number one it still did not loose it's spot Ethereum is same thing Ripple gained one spot Litecoin gained 3 spots Dash lost 2 spots Ehereum classic remained the same Monero lost 2 spots Nem Augur Maidsafe remained the same Golem gained 4 spots in ranking Zcash lost 1 spot in rank Pivx gained 4 spots 2 days ago pivx was at 10th rank , otherwise it would have been 7 spots Decred lost 2 spots I don't know much about these coins expect Factum Research on these coins, if you hold any green row coins you are doing good! Game credit gained 3 spots If you want see the sheet , there is an option to play youtube videos slowly even at 1/4 speed on the circle settings Round It is a gaming company But it has low volume less than $100,000 volume per dayI would not buy low volume coins I want to see $100,000 daily volume then I will think about it Bytecoin 18 spots gain So ARK gained 9 spots compared to last month Look at this 44

It jumped 64 spots I don't know how to pronounce 🙂 It is UK or European based company and they have good business model US citizens can not buy and these coins are listed only in their website not in any other exchange I would not buy the coin if it is listed in their own exchange! but I kind of know these founders are genunie I am US citizen , so I am not buying and i would not buy if it listed in their own exchange I can not rely 100% on their data Crown gained 19 spots the daily volume is on border to $100,000 not there yet sometimes it has $15,000 to $60,000 You can check it out Bitbay 14 spots Creditbit 10 spots OH! this one never came to my radar!! This is an eye opener for me ! PSOW was 249 rank as per market cap last month It is at 56

It gained 190 spots! I was shocked and did little bit research All they do is POS cloud staking All the new coins are coming with POS proof of stake algorithm Psow can stake these coins in web wallet with small commision most of the people are not technical savvy to run the digital wallets this company will help them get interest (stake) for their coins on web portal syncing and running wallet is tough if you have 10 to 15 coins so this company will manage for you They are planning to add 300 crypto currencies in one year I heard PSOW but it never came to my attention until I generated this sheet It was $0

005 a month ago, now it is $19 It is 3716% gain this month!! That's HUGE! If you own this coin you are doing really really GOOD! I am not going put all my money here but I will invest some but if they cross one month threshold They should be stable and good potcoin 6 spots This one you need to research It is casino based coin It did not have rank last month now it is at 65 rank swarmcity 38 spots Blocknet 28 spots So don't take it for granted! The green means really good or red is bad This is one way or one dimension to look at data For the coins in green rows , you can do your own research This is not real BITcoin plus! it gained 91 spots The bottom list will not have lot of market cap They are very small coins So it is easy for these coins to jump many ranks so pink coin also moved to few spots This one went 48 Redcoin Bitmark The coins below Bitmark have less than $1 million market cap We did not include those But look again these coins have $100,000 daily volume trade (will add in near future) There is other one I saw new coin today

hmm this one ! We Trust It got listed 3 to 4 days ago and it is at 76 th spot already It was trading $007 and it is 20% up already They provide Insurance and Banking services on the Blockchain I did not do much research but I might invest $200 to $300 here I am not going sell my portfolio to invest here I can invest small amount on these green big gainers You are very unlikely to lose money in the green row coins because they sustained a month and the ranks went up These are established and not pump coins 🙂 I am going scroll slowly so can you play with slow motion and watch it again As I always say " Do not invest that you can not afford to lose" I am going to get good microphone excuse me if you don't hear me properly Good night folks

Trade safely