late night crypto trading Bitcoin cash going to the moon I talked about it earlier look at it now look that's going on here stay tuned and see what's all going down here it's 1:30 in the morning I'm sitting here trading Bitcoin cash right now so stay tuned what's going on guys so I've been sitting here watching TV watching movies hanging out since about I mean oh seven or eight o'clock earlier and I was basically playing Bitcoin cash here and the idea was I was gonna transfer all my litecoin and transfer all my Bitcoin over to Bitcoin cash and I basically did that with using exodus to exchange you can see here so exchanged earlier exchange like Cohen exchanged Bitcoin exchange there was one thousand one hundred and seventy one dollars was how much it was worth when I exchanged it Bitcoin earlier now my Bitcoin cash is worth seventeen hundred dollars right there and then the same thing so it was 980 dollars for the light coin when I exchanged over there – fourteen hundred dollars now with Bitcoin right now on total value is three thousand two hundred and seventy three dollars and this has all been happening about three or four hours ago and kind of show you some of my earlier you can see this but earlier my account balance was there two thousand six hundred and fifty eight dollars that was basically right after I exchanged there you can see my exchange there and now we're up to three thousand three hundred and seventy three dollars and Bitcoin cash is there above two thousand so Bitcoin cash making all new highs here this is the five-minute chart Bitcoin cash literally it's just been going up and up and up and I've been sitting here and I'm like I'll hold it I'll hold it I'll hold it and it just keeps going higher and I thought okay $2,000 area I'll probably end up just exchanging it back to the light coin at that point why not and you can see there it is up to 2,200 right now this is madness my plan really is to be able to get more light going a light coin is actually dipping as well so like Quinn's coming down which is good for me because I want to get more light coin coins I would love for light coin to keep on going lower because that's gonna make it easier for me to get more likely and if Bitcoin cash keeps going up like coin keeps going down you can get the idea there the idea is I'm gonna exchange my Bitcoin cash back for litecoin get more coins of likely so if I can end up getting you know another 10 20 coins here that'll be really good a night for me here and I'll be up five hundred six hundred eight hundred dollars here really depends on the FI when I exchange over I'm having a little bit of issue actually with Exodus right now it's not letting me exchange so you can see temporarily unavailable so this is using shape shifter to exchange the coins and I'm not able to exchange right now so this could be an issue this could be an issue but I feel pretty good about it because my buy-in here is so good I got in there on the four key hundred dollar area with the Bitcoin cash it's up there to twenty two hundred right now even gaining just ten coins here I'll be pretty happy with that if light going keeps going down here been Bitcoin cash keeps going up it's gonna be a really good morning like I said it's 1:30 in the morning right now but I wanted to make this video I wanted to show you guys that I am doing this I'm doing this live I am trading I'm not just making these videos to talk about referrals or didn't like that people were like oh this he's only talking about Bitcoin cuz he wants talk about referrals but I'm actually trading this it's Saturday it's 1:30 and then at night I'm sitting here on my computer making money here trading Bitcoin cash Bitcoin cash making a huge move in the last couple days I made a video about it earlier talking how this thing went from 300 dollar area the price of Bitcoin right now is five thousand seven hundred and seventy three dollars so it's down 500 600 bucks right now so it's basically working out Bitcoin cash is going higher Bitcoin in general is going lower in there Bitcoin cash breaking over the twenty two hundred dollar mark right now this is insanity you can see it's up over 66 percent on the day right now exodus account is reflecting that that's almost a thousand dollars profit right now earlier when I was looking at Bitcoin cash to exchange back there you can see when the price was at the $1,800 $1600 area I was able to exchange back for forty to light coin coins and you can see now I'm able to exchange for fifty six light coins and that's an amazing gain right there I'm I'm pretty happy with that actually I could exchange that for a Bitcoin but I'd rather just jump back into light coin for now I feel like like goings a little bit more stable I'll jump into light coin I'm trying to buy the dip here on like going anyway so I'm not gonna worry if it does dip some more be close to a thousand dollars in profit here and it's 1:30 in the morning I've been watching movies and sitting here basically watching the price of Bitcoin cash go higher changing this with Exodus I'll make a video talking about Exodus in general how I'm using Exodus as a wallet how I exchanged through that and everything like that give it up there it is back at 2400 seems gonna break over $2,400 area right here Bitcoin cash it's happening look at this look at these candles look at this move here look at the volume this is it's 1:30 in the morning right now and we're up there to 2400 come on baby go go go go go alright we got it there it is so we're gonna exchange that now I exchanged point 70 there and that was 19 litecoin and now I'm gonna be getting 28 like coin that's a 9 coin pop so I'm pretty happy with that can't complain about that at all really the real goal for me tonight was just to basically get more light coin so I saw all that Bitcoin cash was going crazy it was insane the last couple days and the reason that I jumped in here you can see it kind of over this $1400 area it jumps up there I was like okay it's looking like it hole it's holding holding a 13 or dollar area holding here all day long cat holding $1300 holding holding holding and then the volume started increasing it's this is very much just like trading stock so you can see the bars here you can see how this made this move parabolic right there up to $2,500 boom so I got exchanged there so I got the light coin exchange we're all done and you can see now I'm up there dat three thousand seven hundred and fifty four dollars right now it's a brag or anything but I'm just trying to show you guys the possibilities here how it is what's going on you can see earlier there my account balance twenty six hundred and sixty three dollars you can see the Bitcoin cash what was going on there how I was an exchange it back there Bitcoin cash back there when it was a 70 hundred dollar area and saying you can see how parabolic this is right now how this is gonna crash down very rapidly at some point but I'm sure it's gonna do it right here I'm gonna see if it's gonna break over at $2,800 area 1:40 am

Eastern Time Saturday night like coin overall the price is going down here you can see this thing is sinking like a rock because Bitcoin cash is going straight up and everything else is pulling down with it so we got Bitcoin coming down as well she's got a big drop there from twenty hundred down there to twenty one hundred so 700 dollar drop there see if I can get exchanged out right there so I'm gonna have 65 light coins now I'm pretty happy with that my account balance is there at 3,800 to $4 so all I literally did was exchange my light coin for Bitcoin cash and now you can see exchange my light coin for a Bitcoin cash and then exchanged it back towards light coin and ended up making over 1200 dollars in profit there and look at it now it's back down there to 1560 this all happen this is 5-minute key notes that's 5 minutes 10 minutes 15 minutes 20 minutes 30 minutes all about 30 minutes here this thing has been crashing Bitcoin cash going parabolic this is a move that we know from the stock market from day trading penny stocks from crappy companies that we trade every single day normally you know cryptocurrency people Bitcoin people they don't know about what we know in the stock market so this is one of the edges that we have looking at bar charts like this looking at charts overall we can see what's going on we looking at the volume we're looking at the overall just chart how crazy this move was looking how a parabolic this was any trader would have seen how this was time to take profit seeing this move here going from 2000 up there to 28 hours you're like wow I need to take profit right now I need to be out of this and you can see Bitcoin cash working out exactly like I planned exactly what I wanted and also this I don't think it could have planned it any better but I actually got litecoin there at the $58 area look at it now up there to $60 so it really worked out great I had an amazing night I haven't even looked at my actual wallet where I'm at here so I'm there at four thousand eighteen dollars right now surprising even updated yet but you can see it's still updating it's up above four thousand dollars now four hours ago I had $2,600 and now in that one wallet I have over four thousand dollars it's all worked out I'm gonna explain it more in another video but I just want you guys to see what I'm doing how I'm actually doing this I'm not just talking about Bitcoin I'm not just talking about cryptocurrencies I'm actually trading it and I do see a lot of potential here I see a lot of potential to make money a lot of volatility a lot of action here on this market and you can see Bitcoin cash crashing now down there to fifteen sixteen so we took profit at a good time I'm pretty happy with that I've been talking about it all night long on Twitter hopefully you guys aren't getting the alerts and you aren't sleeping it's a to 12 right now to 12 am Eastern Time I'm pretty tired I need to go to bed so not a bad night starting out there with 19 litecoin ending up tonight with 60 five like coin obviously there was a little bit of Bitcoin also traded in there but really a beautiful night here so really that's a hundred percent move so that's not so really Bitcoin cash making a hundred percent move from that for $200 area up there to twenty hundred dollars I was there for that whole entire ride you guys saw it I'm not making this up not just hindsight trading here I'm not just talking about it you know ten hours later and point now points on my chart here I was in those trades I was making the action here and showed you guys kind of what it was all going down showed you how I said profit there how I exchanged my Bitcoin cash back for likely this is not it's about the profits not about hey look how much money I made I'm not trying to brag I'm trying like that but I want you guys to see that there is opportunity here in the Bitcoin litecoin all this kind of stuff start doing research start learning about it it might as well be interested in the cryptocurrency world right now because there is some really really big opportunities here and I hate for you guys miss out on it cuz I've been missing out for the last year or so and I'm always asked myself like why didn't I jump in on this a long time ago why wasn't i buying when this stuff was a lot cheaper and taking profit now so I'll talk to you guys later on so if you guys haven't already make sure you hit that subscribe button leave a comment below leave a comment below if you guys have any questions leave a question whatever you got I'll answer it I'll try to help out and help you guys learn more about cryptocurrency I'll make some videos kind of explaining what tools I'm using how I'm doing it all and how I'm using X's wallet to exchange coins back and forth etc I'll talk to you guys later on