Hey, what is up everyone this is Bitcoin freak bringing you another cryptocurrency video Today I wanted to talk about cloud mining and my experience with different cloud mining websites You know since I joined crypto space which was about two months ago I think I came back from holidays from Italy and one of my mates told me dude Have you heard about Bitcoin? I was like yeah

Yeah, yeah, I know what bitcoin is And then he got me into all the different you know platforms and all that stuff so you know he showed me initially you know like Genesis mining and and all that all that all that just So you know I got involved and all that and obviously It is an awesome place to be you know in a crypto space because you can you can literally like make money from thin air The only thing is that you know obviously with with cloud mining webs like websites like for example hashing 24 They did change their prices Like I think a month after I've joined So I only joined with a really small Already small amount of Giga hashes, I think I've got only like 100 Giga hashes or 200 Giga hashes something like this just For the simple fact that I did found out about Genesis mining and obviously their prices were always a lot Lower you know but obviously since hashing 24 Raised their prices to 340 dollars per one Tara hash I decided to completely stop with hashing 24 and never upgrade my Never upgrade my contract anymore just to pretty much Wait a few months And then you know withdraw whatever it's there, and I think I'm gonna continue doing this because obviously with these prices It's a little bit too high I? Can see that obviously they're trying to learn a lot of people now bringing the price back to 23 18 Which what I believe was original price that they had? But this contract won't start Until the fifth of January wow that's that's a really long time away You know I mean I Don't know man I could do a lot of money with this just putting that into big connect You know Doing a loan for ten thousand, and you know in four month time

I'll have that money back with with the profit You know so I don't I don't think I'm gonna join this I don't think I'm gonna upgrade my hashing 24 anymore Then we had situation with hustler Similar situation they they actually changed completely direct Adams they they had open-ended contract for Sha-256 Bitcoin open mining contracts they have changed this to one-year contracts only And that was just before I actually purchased a little upgrade I purchased a little A little hashing power I believe it was something like 076 Terra hash or whatever so and and they doubled their prices to 240 now I went back to the website seen that the prices brain bring brought back to Like hundreds I think and fifty let's quickly double check how much it costs now for one Terra

Hash Let's have a look One Terra has one hundred and fifty, okay, so it's still more than it was because it was 120 But it's I suppose it's okay, you know so what I did because they got this really cool option here for Reinvesting what I did I basically set it up to auto reinvest everything into sha-256 So this is what I'm gonna be doing I'm gonna try to compound that a little bit and then just pretty much do the same as we're asking 24 just milk this account as much as I can and Pretty much get out of this you know hashing 24 Sorry hash Fleur Which brings me to the to the last and my first choice, which is Genesis mining, and I will definitely stay with them guys I'll be definitely upgrading my hash power not necessarily on these contracts right here because I'm Really happy that they brought You know Z cash mining however Z cash at the moment I don't think it's the most profitable Thing to get into so I'm gonna hold on until they bring back their Open-ended contracts, which is why? I'm gonna be pretty much looking to stack up all my bitcoins from all the difference you know Platforms that I'm in on this channel I only really show a fraction of what I'm doing Only show my you know Genesis mining account as well as my bit connect account But I do some other things as well a little bit more risky Let's put it this way But the reason what I'm not showing anything is You know I don't want you guys to get into any trouble if I'm gonna get into Some money loss or whatever on these accounts that's gonna be on me You know I'll do it and I'll be fine with that because I never invest more then I can actually afford you know afford to lose So and that's that's that's what I would say when you when you join these programs

You know when you join those things Or invest more than you can afford yeah, right now my Bitcoin mining contract on Genesis it's looking pretty pretty thin pretty small But as soon as they're going to be bringing back their contracts I will definitely going to be upgrading as much as I can afford another Program that I would really love to join is going to be bit Club Network I'm gonna do At some stage a video about it once I'm gonna be joining the program and out hope that you guys gonna follow me and join my team But yeah, I'll leave that for another video because it's a whole You know really long video that I would probably have to create about around that bit Club network but yeah, I mean this is pretty much my My update on my cloud mining contracts You know I mean, I wanted to really quickly mention here that bit Connect is number one You know a lot of people is doubting the program I am a really big fan of it because I believe in their coin I mean let's let's have a look at their calling right now I mean, let's let's refresh look What's happening with Bitcoin the next people last you know the last few days It's going crazy look You know I bought Bitcoin around $4,000 so you know if I would have hold on to that beat Bitcoin and not spending that on this Bed Kinect I wonder how much money I would made But still you know nobody knew what's happening It was pretty bearish market back then so now everything is seems to be going up again And I wanted to show you look bit connect on 11th place right now Okay over 1 billion dollar market cap ok 160 $1

95 You know and also another thing I think I did mention that on my last video They are going to be one of the gold sponsors on blockchain Expo This November I believe so I mean this gives me a Lara this gives me a lot of Safe in the program as well as you know rumors like that They are looking to bring Bitcoin Bitcoin debit cards or something or big connect debit cards You know I've got I've ordered actually my crypto pie cart Which again when it arrives and when I will start using the service? I'll probably do a video about that, but you know I would really want bit connect to actually drop a Debit card you know that would be I'll be sick

You know They'll be really good alright guys so that brings us to the end of this video if you are looking to drawing bit connect platform Feel free to sign up using my referral down below Thank you so much for watching the entire video If you are new to the channel make sure to subscribe and also turn on your post notifications As well as like this video share it and you know leave a comment if you've got any questions, or if you got any Suggestions or anything like this I'd like to see that in a comment section Thank you guys, and I see you next time peace