Usi Tech Bitcoin Review what up what up what a very exciting video I got held off on producing this video for the purpose of I wanted to prove two things I wanted to prove the concept and the company is legit and it works and you can grow without recruiting so I've been involved with usi tech for about four and a half months now and I haven't recruited a single person and I did that for a number of reasons as I said I wanted to prove those two things but I also wanted to make sure it's sustainable it's what they're doing is what they're doing they say they're doing and I wanted the you know to prove the concept actually works that the the putting your putting your trust in the hands of professional bitcoin traders and forex traders can grow your Bitcoin so you a psych tech you know a lot of people who are promoting and recruiting people on YouTube they're kind of lucky they're lucky that I haven't been marketing it and I'm a firm believer in putting my money where my mouth is right you know instead of just going out there and recruiting recruiting recruiting I build rapport with my audience my followers and I and I want people to understand that I'm gonna honest Joe right I'm a regular dude I'm out here to scam people I want to see people succeed and I will use my own money I will use my own time and I will do whatever I have to do to prove that it works that it's legit and that you know you don't have to be some crazy marketing genius to utilize the powerful automated Bitcoin growth features that you si Tech offers now one of the craziest things they just did they just launched a cryptocurrency and that was gonna be I'd say probably around a third or fourth month of yeah I run then it'll probably they'll probably publicly launched it I'm not sure I don't know the exact date because I wasn't at the latest USI tech event but it's very powerful its producing they're selling a lot of cryptocurrency the USA tech cryptocurrency and it's going very well and this is very great for the company and all its users to one of the things you gotta understand about you know the regular Joe normal people people who just you know want to catch a break and I tell you the hardest part about being in this industry is the recruiting aspect people they just you know they don't understand recruiting I Usi Tech Bitcoin Review mean me I've been in this industry close to ten years now I know how to recruit I could recruit you know blindfolded I can you know I just I know exactly what I have to do to get people involved in certain things but people need to be able to trust people they need to be able to trust people and follow them into into things that they know they're not gonna get scammed or the company's gonna shut down a couple weeks later right I've lost thousands of dollars learning from my lessons learning my lessons it was an expensive education but an education that I needed for me to understand the exact formula to pick the right winners to protect to pick the companies they're gonna produce passive growth in my financial portfolio so what can you aside Tec do for you I'll tell you right now you did not stop I mean start or join this thing at a late date you came in at the exact time you're supposed to come in because actually USI Tech just it's just jumped up it's growing to the next level I heard a rumor you can't take take this from me for verbatim but I heard a rumor that it's growing out about 5,000 members per day this is the number one opportunity on the planet for growing your Bitcoin and doing it in a manner that's gonna give the regular I mean people who just you know they just want to see natural growth and I have to run around recruiting all these types of people it's that girl it's a real product and you're putting the power in the hands of people who already know what they're doing and so you're not gonna have to go around chasing your tail trying to learn x8 a B C and D all the way to XY and Z you can just say hey yo you know what here's my Bitcoin let me utilize the platform let me utilize the technology and just watch your Bitcoin grow now one of the cool things I'm gonna do for you though when you work with me and guess what I'm gonna do I'm gonna help you I'm gonna give you some training I have my own training on Facebook my own training on YouTube I got my own members community on Facebook Usi Tech Bitcoin Review as well I have a live crypto chat that you can get involved with if you have any questions if you're gonna if you're gonna get involved with the the financial aspect of growing your Bitcoin like me with usi tech I will help you okay my time is money so don't get me wrong I'm not out here trying to give handouts to people because my time is money I'm a full-time dad running a full-time business so I don't have time to be screwing around with people who are really serious about putting their money to work for themselves right I'm serious you know I'm serious about growing this business I'm serious about helping people I'm serious about changing my own financial future because we all know the Bitcoin is the financial future of today and tomorrow so if you're not growing your Bitcoin now you're nuts you're crazy you should be doing it and if you want something that's sustainable legitimate and has proven to work and that's changing tens of thousands of Usi Tech Bitcoin Review people's lives every day and this is what you need to be involved with right now you need to get involved with me need to work with me and I'll show you exactly what you need to do if you want to grow it from a recruitment aspect but the beauty of it is you don't need to recruit a single person okay I did it for four and a half months there is some Terms of Service in in terms of promotions now you know we can't really show our back-office we can't show a lot of different things right but you can inbox me and I'll show you my results alright I and guarantee you results because we're not allowed to do that it's illegal right but you can inbox me we can chat about a few things otherwise just click on a link go to you us USI Tech and create your account you can actually join for free as well and you can actually you know if you want to recruit to it you I think they they actually pay something like three to five percent I think even as free affiliate so if you wanted to grow it from a free free perspective you can as well so you're not forced to do it but you know you kind of missing out so I'm G Wolff aka two Jedi marketer links up there it says click here click that link to join my team inbox me on Facebook if you got any questions that I'll be happy to answer them as soon as I can all right if you going to friend me make Usi Tech Bitcoin Review sure you sent me a message for us because I don't accept friends friend requests from people who don't message me alright peace