Dear viewer, with last week having been a tutorial, it has been two weeks since you have received your news update from DASH: Detailed, and I intend to catch you up on everything that you need to know The past two weeks have been an absolute boon of businesses adding Dash

In fact, I have eight to tell you about, and four for them are exchanges So to start, in the Business [& Headlines] category, let me tell you about Bitcartio, who is launching their Dash integration in mere hours from right now Bitcart is an Ireland-based Amazon gift card reseller, who routinely offers 15-20% off discounts for Amazon gift cards with Bitcoin And today, Dash becomes their third added cryptocurrency, after Ethereum

So to learn more about what it is that they do, I reached out to their founder, Graham de Barra So essentially, when someone comes with their Dash and they go onto Bitcart and they make an order, they can make an order anywhere between $50 to $1,000 Denominations of usually $50 They then send the Dash and within 24 hours they receive their Amazon gift card We can always guarantee between 15-20% of a discount for consumers

We verify that the gift card is authentic because there’s a lot of risk of fraud and fraud management and so we take on that risk and the management for that risk as well We’ve been looking at Dash for about 16-20 months and so this move was just natural It really, really was And I think that’s going to bring a lot of new customers and a lot more scalability to our business and we’re very excited to have Dash on board The next business was submitted to me by a viewer — thank you — that an airport parking company, aptly called “Airport Parking” accepts Dash, as well as other cryptocurrencies, for parking at the US cities of Boston, Los Angeles, Newark, Providence, New York, and Denver

Third is the photography service of a Dash community member you may well know — Dave Bazzel You can find his work and the Dash-acceptance option at DaveBazzelcom And fourthly is LaciCloud, which is a brand-new, open-source, and FTP-based cloud storage company And, they’re currently in private beta but you can request access to get started, if you are interested

Now moving into the exchange portion of our new businesses accepting Dash Dash has been added to Cryptobuyer Now, Cryptobuyer is based in Venezuela and is now selling Dash for both debit and credit card purchases, as well as accepting it for things like mobile phone top-ups And as you may know, the national currency in Venezuela is doing, what some might call, “poorly” To learn more about how Dash may be of use to customers in the area, I reached out to Jorge Farias, who is the CEO and Founder of Cryptobuyer

He says, The situation with the Bolivar has only worsened This week we’ve reached the highest point of devaluation of the currency, with the official exchange rate being 10 Bs per USD, but the black market reached 5,000 Bs per USD This gives you an idea of the lifeguards that are represented by the digital coins Bitcoin and Dash, not only as a method to transfer value, but to safeguard savings Jorge also reports that he believes that they are the first platform in Latin America to add a second cryptocurrency after Bitcoin to their service offerings, and that Dash was the most requested by their users In an effort to bolster Dash as a remittance tool on their platform, the company released a new video — here’s a short clip

My name is Gleidys, I’m rom Venezuela Some months ago I moved to Panama Today, I’ll transfer money to my dad through a system called Dash I already made the transfer, dad Excellent! I just received 2 Dash

Now, I’ll exchange them into Venezuelan bolivars through Cryptobuyer And after Cryptobuyer there were three more exchanges to add Dash these past two weeks First is Tokyo-based CoinCheck Second is London-based SpaceBTC And the third is located in Thailand, called BX

in Perhaps a fitting way to wrap up this longest-ever Business & Headlines section of DASH: Detailed would be to cite an article found on Entrepreneurcom this past week by Matthew Toren who said, "Think of Dash as a replacement for PayPal" Moving on to Network Statistics Today’s masternode count is 4,417

If you’ll look at that on this lifetime chart, you will see that that is the highest it’s been since we made the switch to 121 And it’s quite very near the all-time high that was reached just prior to the switch In mining, today’s hashrate is 335 Th/s

And this also is an all-time high, which was actually first reached in the middle of March You can see that on our three month hashrate chart here Our one year hashrate chart And here’s the lifetime And finally in Network Statistics, allow me to remind you that the deadline for both submitting a new proposal to the network as well as voting upon it, is in five days from today, on or around Monday, May 1st

Now moving to Development Updates 1215 has been released and it’s not a mandatory update but rather is of course suggested as they always are And it fixed only minor bugs — the primary one being that there were rare spikes of the status of what’s called “Watchdog expired” on some masternodes, which basically meant that the masternode owner thought that they had to restart their masternode when they didn’t

And that is the bug that was fixed in 1215 And as you’ll see in this pie chart about 82% of the masternode network has indeed updated Next in Development Updates, the Dash integration into CryptoWoo is complete

And our plugin is even featured in the CryptoWoo store! In case you don’t know what this plugin does, it allows a merchant to basically place a “Pay with Dash here” onto their website, and the payments then go directly to the merchant’s own hierarchical deterministic wallet You don’t need to know what that means All you need to know is that you can get one CryptoWoo then is available for any website that uses WordPress and has installed the WooCommerce plugin Elsewhere in Development Updates, the Dash Core team published an update about a sort of reassignment of titles within their particular organization

Big news there is that Ryan Taylor is now CEO, Evan Duffield is Strategy Advisor, and Andy Freer is CTO Next, the treasury-funded effort from TenX — the Singapore-based company TenX — has launched their Dash debit card And at this time it only works in Singapore But it does work, and it looks lovely And in other Development Updates, there’s not one, but two, handy-dandy web conversion tools

For anyone who is looking to convert a Dash to US dollars or US dollars to Dash on the fly — and actually British pounds and euros are supported on at least one of these sites But one is CoinRates, or I guess if I were to spell out the URL it would be CoinRates And the other is DashPrice

Exchange And finally, some new guides have been released One is the creation of a Dash paper wallet — how do I create a Dash paper wallet for cold storage? And the other is both launching a Dash-supporting hardware wallet, as well as if you hold a masternod within a hardware wallet — like a Trezor — how to withdraw rewards that you have earned without having to unlock your masternode’s 1,000 Dash Moving to Price Movement Today’s Dash-to-US dollar rate is roughly $72 — $72

19 to be exact Our trade volume for the last 24 hours is $87 million worth of Dash The coin supply as of today is just under 73 million coins

Seven point three million Dash And our market cap then is roughly $524 million US dollars Let’s look at our three month market cap chart then Our one year And our lifetime

Our available funds from our treasury this month then are worth roughly $521,000 dollars, of which $208,000 have been allocated thus far With the payout — the superblock — happening in eight days, on or around Thursday, May the 4th And finally, lets just go ahead and combine Social Happenings and Current Opportunities Why? Because it all has to do with Dash Force A lot of things have happened with the treasury-funded effort Dash Force over the past couple of weeks

First was that they launched their own news site found at DashForceNewscom, where they’ve been publishing at least one, often more pieces every day Of special interest was a profile piece that was done on the MMA Brazilian fighter Davis Dos Santos, who’s next Dash-sponsored fight is set to take place on June 16th And as far as opportunities, there are not one, not two, but three contests — Dash Force contests — going on at this time, which anyone can enter to earn Dash potentially The first is called the MVP Contest, and this will pay out $100 worth of Dash to five people who have made the most valuable and frequent contributions on sites like BTCTalk, the Dash Forum, the Dashpay subreddit, the Dash Nation Slack, etc

The second contest is a Video Contest, where the topic of a video that you would upload to Youtube — should you want to enter — is, “Why I Believe Dash is the Best Cryptocurrency” First prize is one Dash, second prize is 075 Dash, and third prize is half a Dash And then the third contest is for a meetup and/or a presentation — something that you yourself would put on in the city, or village, or field where you live And as long as five or more people attend, and you’ve met various parameters as outlined in this post, you can win two or more Dash to reimburse you for your efforts

Details about these contests are listed in the links in the description section below, as with all of today’s show links And that’s it for DASH: Detailed today Before I let you go, may I please remind you, that it may not be apparent to every new Dash user, that for example, our privacy offering — PrivateSend — is at this time, only available from the Dash Core wallet They may think that if they just use any sort of mobile wallet that all of their transactions are private And just to make sure there aren’t any misunderstandings, I would encourage you — anytime you show Dash to a new person — to mention to them, “Why yes, we do offer privacy, however, at this time, it’s only available in this particular wallet” to make sure there are no unmet expectations

Alright, and that is it Come back this Friday for a Spotlight interview with Martijn Wismeijer of the company General Bytes, which is the competitively-priced Dash and fiat ATM See you then