[Music] are welcome to Crypto Investidor Channel always bringing the best investment in cryptocurrencies my name diego and it is today i bring the Vestarin ICO Review the product marketplace services previous payments through use the bloch chen their design is fabulous so it is wonderful their project the following I will show it already has to an ep which is already an application demo that how it will work you will be able to locate the the the establishments are offering services or selling products will be a marketplace that is like a historic shops also will be able to register your products and you do payment with coins of westpac in I'm not wondering if it is too It is to see st and you will also be able to hire services any type of service you have a service from whatever Lawyer design anything you have services and may be putting also where the person with the contact you and you may be doing the negotiation Additionally it will also have a one map the maps you locate what are the establishments and what people who are offering services which They want to hire a service platform is too good come so I'll talk some little things about this project Perfect he has reached the soft cap the software was hit in the leg and his Mayor and it is now official that their he has raised more than three thousand terry ons and more had over 5000 ie contributions are investors it is to note that it is not with this note that the incumbent that 47 nana is the most rigorous and platform they are eager analysis with note 4

5 is still an excellent grade I think the maximum is 5 and so far I only I saw a stihl is that really had 48 because people are the aspects to O here that analyzing the project They are usually heats and other companies and everything really good experts go back now it is in the first stage stage that is up to 5,000 of eternal collection you will get 35% bonus on there second stage you will get 28% bonus then I'll get there good people to you that are interested to invest on the eve of the link is on video description just get the link in the video description comes in the description and then have a link for you to join in site of the star inn and make your purchase perfect for making your purchase is very simple you will have to do this will stay here in O bytom who explains below tocantins clicked in bytom I wanted what you'll have to do is copy this address that generated on here then have this ethereal address and you goes to his but its bad is the wallet detail guys I always tell participate in ice or forming eternal here in case just hope he gets but if those who receive other types currency also in this case can only be sent license and receive 20 ie sends its bad theologian is trying not send any action only because what happens when you buy a one toquinho an exception in this method from the moment you take a track your ep to buy the token they will automatically identify the address being sent and will It is converted so he receives already istry send time for you ringtones if you send them the Maxinde They do not send the totems to ActionAid not for your wallet because tomorrow the likely to use generic portfolios dish for many users who are sending then you will not send lose your day pine Mayor and generally ActionAid not you return does not transfer the crazy for you have seen many cases of people who lost because they do not then returns do not do it perfect then you want to invest that will make will in the video description for this link you put the inscription recorded the link for you to register and you will then the access you will enter it only in the downstream site through my link and then you click here bytom quiz you You will be directed to this page being directed to the page you will copy the link that generated this link here that generated the sum you go there is a theologian will put the English people that will be sent to the minimum investment is 01 eternal that time gives around 80 US dollars about 86 US dollars then the guess you will stipulate in 300 000 10 and 60 directed and you change in there up I've ever done on one tutorial great time just look at the talk of course krypton coins to beginners and mineral think the 445 class I teach all about Michael O'Leary perfect just look at channel also We have done that you went there sent the ether you will already receive tokens automatically in your perfect portfolio If you need to set up your portfolio after the morning look identify I'll put also in the description of the video codes in the number of contract you more for you are setting your portfolio is theological receiving touches in imperfect eve of ewe st here are the schedule then the first stage second stage 35% 28% bonus the third stage 23% bonus room 19 fifth 13%, and no sixth stage It has more bonus mayor the best of this platform is as follows and he cited that has everything to value I I will now explain why they have only 70 million touches ie the lower the maximum amount of the most Tonkin It will be the value of the currency that is going facilitate the growth of her mayor ie if you have 70 million warms 304 million toquinho ok if he gets a dollar will be 70 million and 400,000 US dollars then hurry suppose to reach a million dollars one this platform is not a business waste seven heads up that not normal for a platform is expected to reach 1 billion fundraising dollars ok if you get a million dollars here you will have an appreciation of over 1000% around the R & D appreciation you will get tried is more or less than 1,500 percent appreciation so it's kind likely it happened it may be that it takes a simple and It takes a longer he has already have the demo them I'm already so demo application you can already view the project has it is ahead It is not a project that will still be developed an application they will begin their studies will not explain straight going back there then so that's one reason I'm that investing in this or ice so well because the lower the amount of tocantins 1 max the father's name would be the alternate supply of the maximum the maximum amount of coins currencies the greater the chance of good value we went back there so if you buy now I believe that today must already overcome and and that between today and tomorrow should already be exceeded 5000 is of 3d collection you will already have 35% bonus that is you will have to time to finish the more it ends it starts now how it ends 1st April this course if they have if they do not a total collected until the end of II I think that ends before it're here in this case the end of the action that is going have 35% of great good mayor here today so I showed how to do you do ooo deposit you will click down there will tolkien ask when you click and how I I have entered it did not show when you click bytom 15 and will ask you to oo fill it and mail everything right which portfolio you will're sending it will ask some information for you put there done that then you may already be in Viana and getting their touches on the hour you want to send is done sending is will receive the perfect torpedoes only remember configure most here with 300,000 10 to 60 of IUDs and perfect good then go back to the project here too It is the calculator for you to know as you will already raising here You have a video or will show a video for you because it will stay longer yet they did in many vilsack various portals of krypton currencies by world even to the portal in Brazil the bitcoin you lie click here opens've seen me they did here are the opportunities that are them offering both users Mayor then you'll have to chat within the app you can communicate with those with whom you will You are buying service you will is selling your service or buying products and all here will have restaurants shops shops virtual physical stores then have a physical store can have the service available within that platform perfect ones to put here will be a flood you will also make the Currency conversion Quito moment fiat currency that is an end mixture that also receiving galley historically competed with several there if there uses their project is sensational here already have their application demo how will it work O Here you can see the shops keep the ratings in the case also will be here huge amount of type there were services we choose a service this guy here he opened from the chat for you You are talking to you there doin payment in dollars making payment 30 coins plus st avg but the official currency of them you will be able to work with bitcoin and with etérium within the platform it start possibly they will expand amount of coins is then an ice or deep-ass that is the truth is very good even their design is wonderful it is already very reputable looks It is only quiet places portals who made you walk them show reviews Mayor then each clicking here you'll see the notes that were given all the analyzes to euronews what they gave good mayor here has a perspective of how it will work within One year they expect to have around 10 million users the mayor will already have a volume of almost 1 billion dollars there of shopping and much service with a products and all Here're world map them into the road map then they have started construction already all in September 2017 has already been done the part of the design everything the AAE Cupet one began in January already's got from the testimony is already has been in full here in April so come ends April 1 he announced are already planning for in April list what in the xx sec already begin from the application of official tests which was developed then have inside you see how it will work if you only want to enter the link and install on your phone you will understand how best works to the application in July they will enter the strong part of marketing and in July also begins the Application Delta at the end of the year come in November they expect already in pain 500 registered shops and services within the platform in December they throw all already part of the online online and offline applications the launch of the blocks you are making everywhere trading and January 2019 already have a perspective to be with a million users so this project is very well scaled and development for a project very plump the same mayor has everything to work out the best it is already the project is already translated in 1919 not as I want here 14 12 15 languages ​​in the project is already translated into 15 languages ​​so perfect will reach 1 or virtually all worldwide audience where the amount of boys who have perfect here tava part of the matsubara who had spoken that is only for this or that 47 million perfect total there are 70 tokens million and 400 thousand topics the raid either of them is 35 thousand or ethereal is $ 35 million does not give less 35 million dollars just to make a contained quickly here with the value current mayor is 35 000 times 860 dollars the ethereal then the project them has more to raid one wants the relatively low potential has 30 million dollars storage software has reached ie we are already or if you're already investing It is in the final period in the security because the minimum to develop the project It has been raised here as will be the division talking about the touch or advisors who are counselors are Project mentors are these guys here I went on linkedin only provides fuck guy just to get an idea that not so the goal here was this guy he has He worked in the mouth or sax which is a company top up there former pet in face blog shin and development of laws then you see other guys I grew up here O here top the number one member of the Article bent in terms of ice analysis or it participates the galley project design is too top here's the part of what apps you have doubt here Mayor then very simple who invest in a description of the video click on my link here through my will link you will be directed to bad party official page you will click bytom that will fill him Bone information that will apply to you then you get the license number that they fly at you provide power They are buying tokens or is it going the matter what puts her wallet that they informed puts 300 000 10 and 60 dilma and makes the transfer you You will be getting the perfect ac tops al am since it is what a page that summarizing all this work as the white paper I read're cool as hell has all information here that you need as was the injury problem is solving a simple problem integrate all guys then do market place one product disservice the exchange will work as well you will be able to do the conversion Currency krypton currencies to the dollar It is very cool you make deposits all through the application Perfect so I believe this is the review's already done guys have interest I will speak again will the description of video through my link to detail in time you made the purchase or bad is Theoretical did not identify the dodo code He played for you to check on your balance within the Damha in word and description the video you can go between the description Video I will also put the number the contract amount to more that you set it in the time you will add a touch too and I will put also a symbol you need Mayor then put all this information you will find in description of the video no doubt you have come in Video description also has a link to the theme putz claiming the fifth investor chat which is where we are already talking there is almost 600 hundred members of the investor group group telegram just you click in there and can do just to get your questions answered and everything else that you have some little problem I give support to you also all over the world a group helps another is very cool group ever getting more interesting is the group more and more people are sharing news and ideas all more the idea is to learn and share that is the number one rule is done nothing before you was also a question You can leave the bone also in doubt comment on the video that I will be helping you as soon as possible perfect enjoying the video please leave your like help the channel is growing more and more of these I li ke it is not yet entered the channel type investor register do not waste time perfect is it guys thank you to all around and great week and remember this guys Marketplace Credit coins is very high risk then only view what you can really lose something else I do not I'm financial adviser make it clear so I only part which is where I I am investing and my analysis is what I do you need to make your own research before setting where you They will invest this is how it works then please research thank you guys