"What, you do not know what are Bitcoins?" The want the 16-year-old Hinano Shirahama and her girl group fellow activists quickly to change The pop band "Virtual Currency Girls" was on Friday nearly two dozen fans Tokyo debut

The eight young women perform with masks each symbolize a cyber currency should Thus Bitcoin, Ripple and conquer Co in Japan now pop culture Crypto currencies are very practical, said the 18-year-old singer Rara Naruse "One can only be amazed that we did not have before

We want everyone to know more about it " And so their girl group sings about the digital money "The Moon, Cryptocurrencies and Me" is her debut song But it remind the girls also to caution and warn of the dangers of trading Cyber ​​currencies "Protect your password USER not always the same," it says in the song

The boom of virtual currencies they consider if only for a personal reason very attentive "We get our fee in Bitcoin, so I'm always a bit before payday nervous How much we earn depends on the price at the market from " Of course, fan merchandise and concert tickets are purchased with virtual money Japan is one of the strongholds of the internet money

In other countries the air it is but thinner: After China also wants South Korea to Proceed trading Bitcoin & Co The Ministry of Justice is planning to ban the trading of crypto currencies