how to buy ripple in this video I'm gonna teach you how to buy a ripple I've been getting a lot of questions about that and I thought this would be helpful my personal opinion I like ripple you know I see some future in it knowing that the government's trying to control everything and ripple works together with banks so for the long term it has potential definitely so I'm gonna show you today how to buy and trying to keep it short for you guys if you're new to this channel consider subscribing if you want to learn more about cryptocurrency how it all works the news and stuff like that I do giveaways where I give away $100 around $100 per week both here on YouTube as well as Facebook so if you want that consider subscribing let's get into the video really quick there are three things that you need in order to buy Ripple one is coin base or any other wallet but this is the place where you can buy Bitcoin if you don't have Bitcoin already there's a link in the comments and in the description where you can get Bitcoin with a discount you get like extra ten dollars if you buy with the link I also get a $10 if you do so you also be supporting this channel so once you have this Bitcoin in there you could use a blockchain wallet as well today I'm going to use my dick connect account to to buy it once you have that all set up you want to go to gate hub I'm also linked this down in the description for you create an account here and once you have that what you want to do is you want to go to deposit receive you want to click ripple and you want to copy this address then you go over to shape-shift also link that in the description for you and you want to select your deposit Bitcoin I already have it so I'll just exit out and then ripple for receive then you go ahead and click on run and continue and you enter your ripple address that you just copied from that point you can enter your Bitcoin refund address that um you know that is this in my case this is the receive address in case something goes wrong you can enter your refund and then agree to terms and then start transaction that is gonna load up this page and from that point you can scan this QR code or you can just send it to this address that's what I'm gonna do right now so you can send up to this amounts but you have to send at least this amount so what I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna do I'm gonna sell some some cash here let's say thirty five let's say forty I'm gonna sell real quick if you're not in bit connect you can just use your block chain wallet or whatever I'm using bit connect here because I'm getting daily interest and it makes it a lot cheaper for me going to sell okay let's old I got my Bitcoin go to dashboard and then sent to an assent to this address quantity should be 0005 I need to do a little bit more okay we're gonna do this address sense quantity 0

005 we're all okay being processed it's being sent go back to shape shift it's a way to deposit and then it's gonna go to a waiting exchange once it's been received and from that point you can and then it goes to done and then you can see it here in your wallet but yeah if you do it from coinbase here what you just want to do is you want to go to accounts and then sent and then just do the steps from here you want to send it with your BIC you want to UM pace the Bitcoin address here the amount and then the notes but right now the fees are kind of I with coinbase so I just use bit Connect here let's see this is how it works this is how you buy Ripple it's very simple we just have to wait until the transaction go through goes through and we all are there goes we all know it takes long the past days it's taking a little bit longer than usual but right now we are it's exchanging right now then it goes to done and then we can expect our riffle to start for an inn so yeah that's how you buy Ripple once it's done it goes into the wallet and then you're good to go you can also store it on a hardware wallet it's a little bit safer because you own your private keys and there you go that's how you buy Ripple see you guys on the next video guys hope you enjoyed it if you did leave like comment below next weekend gonna give $100 on Facebook away to one person so if you want that I suggest um going to my channel and click on Facebook also link in the description my Facebook and be on the lookout for that and until then stop settling and start living the going live guys see on the next one peace don't forget to check out the recommended resources in the description box below recommend it reads as well as essential cryptocurrency resources and if you like this channel please consider donating click on address in the description box as well any donation is much appreciated for channel growth thanks an offence and see on the next video