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My name is Nick, the host of Sobuka where we give commentary and opinions on what is going on in the cryptocurrency industry with respect to the southern and eastern hemisphere On this channel, myself and others like Brian and Laura are always looking for ways to make our content and interaction better with the audience Suggestions is definitely appreciated So the area that I will cover today is coming from North Korea and how supposedly they are trying to hack several South Korean exchanges But first we will look at some market anomalies in the cryptocurrency space that my viewers in the past have asked me to perform

Today it will be on Bitcoin breaking the $4,700 barrier And I just want to tell everyone that all the prices listed on my channel are given in USD As well, I will talk about Litecoin breaking past $6700 and lastly Ripple creeping up to the $025 region

[1] Yes, it’s honestly about freaking time that Ripple made moves higher What a disappoint-er for the past few months So guys stay tuned to hear all of this For Full YouTube Video: Click Here Bitcoin Buy and Hold Bitcoin

Bitcoin Cash (BCash) Bitcoin Gold (Bgold) Before I move forward with this, I just want to say that my channel is not financial advice Please talk to a financial advisor before jumping into the cryptocurrency space So let’s start with Bitcoin

The cryptocurrency broke past the $4,700 resistance level One of the possible reasons for its high price moves lately could be attributed to the following reasons And disclaimer all this is my opinion and speculation I do not have a crystal ball on what is going on with these exchanges And if you guys know of anything or news that is better than my reasons, please help me out

Share it under my comments section so others are informed, or hand me a thumbs up if you agree with my assessment Okay, let’s start with Bitcoin Bitcoin will likely be going through two coin splits later this year

For example, if you have Bitcoin before those splits, you may have two coins The first one from the top of head will be related to Segwit2x Supposedly it will act as the current Bitcoin but “much” faster as it speculates The other one is called Bitcoin Gold or Bgold for short similar to BCash We do not currently know what the ticker symbol for BGold is as it was originally slated to be named BCT, but that ticker symbol was taken

I looked over a small poll from twitter followers from the BGold site Their poll asked “which crypto dividend has the greatest chance to survive in the long haul?” The results so far is Bgold at 42%, Segwit2x at 32%, and BCash at 26% So from that small poll, Bgold is currently at the lead Now for folks who do not understand the history of this fork and split situation, this recently began when BCash split from Bitcoin back in August This was really a surprise split for most people in the Bitcoin community as Bitcoin was suppose to remain as one coin

And from this day, it’s left a sour taste with a handful of people The same is true for the Segwit2x split that is coming up real soon The schedule for that is around the October and November timeframe So again, some of the people in the Bitcoin community do not want this Segwit2x split as its suppose to undermine the real Bitcoin’s upgrade in November Thus Segwit2x will cause a whole bunch of confusion as with BCash for people not too savvy around this space

And there you have it Bgold is suppose to be released sometime in October but before the Segwit2x coin so look out for that And I will have references below on where you can find more information and conversations about this Bgold situation From what I can tell you, the parties involved in Bgold love to stay true to Bitcoin by not causing any contentions with the Bitcoin community So because of that, they are seeing more favorable results from their early, voting polling data

Thus this brings me to my point Should you buy Bitcoin? My response is please “go seek a financial advisor before investing in this space” I will tell you from my own experience that splits similar to this in the past, what has happened is that the original coin typically tends to reach a higher price because everyone wants to get a hold of that second coin If you have questions about that, please leave it in the comments section, and I promise to get back to you on that Before I get off this Bitcoin subject, one last thing that I want to say about Bitcoin is that holding Bitcoin thus far, has been the best financial trade ever

Now if it goes to 0 tomorrow, well ends that conversation If you are into trading cryptocurrencies back and forth, just remember that 5% of day traders are successful, so make sure your trading strategy is Albert Einstein-ish Litecoin, Bitcoin’s “Legitimate” Baby Brother The Litecoin Lightning Network And this is a good solid transition to Litecoin, which I call Bitcoin’s “legitimate” baby brother

Let’s talk about Litecoin’s price move It is currently just hovering below the $70 price region this morning And the only news that I can relate to it is given how it’s lightening network will be released this September So what you may have going on here is people buying into the news, thus bringing the price much higher The reason why I call it Bitcoin’s little brother, it was the second alt coin to come out after Bitcoin, and it shares quite similar relations to Bitcoin given Litecoin’s supply is a several folds more

In the industry Litecoin is still looked upon as the Silver to Bitcoin’s gold This lightning upgrade which is suppose to be coming out in September will allow Litecoin to handle a lot more transactions per second Let’s Talk About Ripple With that said, what they heck is Ripple?! Ripple quite simple for new people out there is a banking technology that brings something to the financial industry, which is speed and transparency of transactions It does have a token associate with it called XRP which is now just shy of the $025 cents region

This token has been struggling in price this past few months with the other decentralized cryptocurrencies just kicking its butt So if you have been a holder of XRP, since early May, you are definitely a true fan I personally left that bandwagon a while back But regardless of that price of the token has moved up about the $025 cent region

There is news coming from China that that Ripple team have meant with banking officials in China All I can speculate is that something big might be coming out of Ripple so I will be paying more attention to the company Also keep in mind that a few months ago, the Ripple team did meet with Saudi officials to test the Ripple platform and that meeting went fell This is my take on Ripple: It is the only known banking platform in the crypto space that is leading the coin market capitalization I am not saying buy this coin

But keep an eye in what is going on with this company The financial systems of the world would be likely to adopt this technology given how fast it’s platform performs and all the good that surrounds the company Now how the XRP token will play or be involved in anyone’s guess It may be used as a way to barter with other cryptocurrencies or it could be used as a smart contract to store pertinent information via delivering and receiving mechanism So what Ripple decides to do with XRP will be interesting in near future as both features that I have described basically sums up what it can do

This lastly pulls me into news about North Korea and South Korea with respect to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies news[2] It turns out that North Korea has been suspected to hacking South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges I am not sure if that news is true All I can take out from that news is that it makes North Korea appear much smarter than they look And we are giving them a lot of credit for that

There are some and world class cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea So the idea of North Korea having technologies that date back to 1950’swell let’s just say that something does not add up there

And if anyone knows about 1950’s technology, most of that equipment was purely analog Yes you can turn the analog signals into something digital but it would be like cutting a piece of chicken with a butter knife Definitely not convenient there So the idea of this hacking incident calls to mind several things If this true, then North Korea has very nice computers

If this is false rumor, we are giving North Korea too many credit If this is false rumor, who is actually doing this hacking, and is North Korea the escape gate Let’s simply blame the North Koreans for everything We have heard of similar rumors in the past like North Korea mining Bitcoin which in essence would take up a lot of electricity for a country that size I am just saying that there is a little bit of doubt if any of these rumors true With the ability of western peoples being able to sniff and disable digital communication lines, it really calls into question the ligitmacy of everyone involved in this North Korean craze AlrightThat’s all I have for this segment ladies and gentlemen If you want me to look at any specific country in detail as it relates to cryptocurrencies, please let me know My only restriction is that the country must be in the areas I cover on this channel such as Africa, Latin America, Middle East, and South Asian Pacific And lastly, If you like this content, please click the Like button on YouTube

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