What's going on snipers named Ella Beatty, I hope all of you guys are having a wonderful day today Let's go ahead and dive right into our daily cryptocurrency analytics for today Ripple Just broke out of its ascending triangle What a textbook play here as you can see on ascending triangle clear and open here And then if you go to our discord you can go up to trading 101

I was actually on the ripple page here Just chatting with a lot of you guys And if you had a trading 101 you actually can pull up this ascending triangle as you can see you see this initial breakout you see this channel form and then another breakout right here where the resistance is at and it's exactly what we saw with Ripple by the Way, this is an open and free resource open for all of you guys the link is in the description below We have a desktop and a mobile version, but let's go ahead and also look at the technicals here of ripple We're at fifty four billion dollars in total market cap guys we're still right under six hundred billion in total market cap and What's interesting about ripple is the fact that it's able to maintain its prices? I don't know if you guys remember this But well we were around 15 to 30 cents ripple was just kind of maintaining itself for a long time it never really correlated against Bitcoin but what's interesting about what we're seeing now is ripples actually acting a completely opposite of what bitcoin is doing which is interesting if you are looking for a Significant hedge against Bitcoin we're gonna Talk a little bit about that in just a second here now if you look at this channel here We pretty much formed a little bit of support around seventy six cents We broke out of that Saw a lot of volatility here this was from the correction that we saw with Bitcoin so it did have a minor influence But we gained that right back and around this time of December 22nd is when Ripple just started acting completely different against Bitcoin and what's interesting is if you go in our discord you guys can see there is a Ripple section here a lot of people are talking about you know different reasons as to why Ripple may be having these crazy volatility price movements over the past couple of days and Pretty much what we're seeing here people are thinking It's going to be added to coinbase um obviously the CEO of ripple has been going on to the news Stations and having a discussion about his technology that all creates publicity which can also lead to price movements going upwards What's interesting about ripple is it typically holds its prices? Which is why I like this I did put a position in ripple if you guys are a Patreon the link for that is in the description below as well Then you guys know I notified you guys on discord as we're for the more formal notifications for each tier now What's interesting about what I'm seeing here right now is we're seeing this consolidation a little bit of a sell-off But I don't think many people are gonna be hesitant to hold their Ripple I think we're really gonna see this Increasing over time That's why I'm excited to actually have a position right now in Ripple once we saw this breakout We did see a little bit of resistance around one dollar 19 cents Which we finally broke out of so as long as this can at least become some support levels right here That would be something that would indicate that ripple is a stronghold right now and can continue to rise in value over time So it's interesting it's cool, but let's go ahead and look at Bitcoin see what is happening here with Bitcoin I did pull up a couple other indicators here I wasn't using any indicators here, so I'm going to kind of explain each one of these indicators I only have three indicators open right now I have the RSI, which is the relative strength index open? I have the volume indicator open I also have the EMA which is the exponential moving average? I'm gonna teach you guys really quick on how to use each and every one of these so for the RSI this can indicate whether A coin is overbought oversold if it's over 70 if that's an indication that that coin is most likely Oversold so to give you example you can see right over here when we hit this huge run-up You can actually see how the RSI was way over 70 over this purple And this could have been an indication to you know trader watching the our side that okay this may start dropping soon Why don't I put my sell order here if you are a day trader? You could have done that and then you saw this Consolidation or the RSI went back down a healthy levels if it goes under 30 That's pretty much the bottom typically that would be a support level or at least a level at which it is being oversold so At that point you can typically see price movements going upwards for the volume what you want to watch for is just the different fluctuations in volume I mean volume can be used in a lot of different ways so as as long as you understand red is cell volume Green is my volume then that should be good for now and as you guys progress watching our videos Engaging in discord you guys are gonna understand how to use volume to your advantage in the future now the EMA is interesting I'm actually gonna have a custom EMA open for all of you guys pretty soon I actually spoke to the creator of this EMA his name is grant He created the crypto adjusted exponential moving average, which is interesting because he uses the large cap coins to actually indicate What an exponential moving average is? But for now we're using that the regular EMA here and one thing

I like to look at with the EMA There's three ways at least in a simple way to say there's three ways to actually watch what patterns are forming here What indicators you're looking at it's either gonna be under the EMA overlapping the EMA or bouncing off of the EMA and when the price Is bouncing off the EMA that is typically an indicator that we're gonna be seeing upward price movements So it's exciting because with Bitcoin you can see obviously it's bouncing off of this EMA right over here It continues to bounce overlap just a little bit bounced again wet under but now it's right on top of the EMA So it's a good way to actually locate where the price is headed if you are a day trader so once again There's value investors day traders swing traders There's a lot of different types of traders, and you can be a mixture of all But just make sure you keep your focus on each one because for me personally the hardest thing about trading especially when I was in The traditional market is just starting off It was keeping a separation between is this a value investment is this a day trading investment Is this a swing trade so it's it's really just Partitioning your different mindsets to ensure that you have full focus on what you're really trying to accomplish So let's look at bitcoins overall market as well 264 billion dollar market cap pretty much almost half of this whole market cap here at 442% dominance and Let's kind of talk about something that I think is a little bit more Interesting about what we're seeing with ripple in Bitcoin so you're seeing this inverse chart here X RP is acting inverse to Bitcoin This is actually a pretty accurate This is both from the 20 xx all the way to the 27th between the 27th and then 28th which today is the 27th you can see these are the exact timeframes But very different charts, which is interesting because you typically see Bitcoins chart influencing most of the altcoins, so I want to talk about this a little bit you can see ripple started to actually have a run up while Bitcoin was having a Descending price pattern, and then you saw that we saw this little run up which ripple kind of copied here And then once we saw this drop We saw a little bit of drop here, and this is really where things are changing so we saw this initial run up Popped up here around one dollar and 10 cents And this is where things literally just got inverted as you can see bitcoin is actually down It's actually going up Just a little bit now, but look at that It's going up, and this is going down so what does this mean for a ripple? It's very very Good in my opinion for ripple because now People can start getting accustomed to the fact that ripple is a hedge against Bitcoin if you guys know what a hedge is we can Actually pull up the definition right over here, and I think that would help a lot of you guys But when you're hedging against something you're hoping that it's gonna act in the inverse way of what you're hedging again So a hedge is an investment to reduce the risk of adverse price movements in an asset normally a hedge Consists of taking an offsetting position in a related securities such as a futures contract so it's intended to offset potential losses or gains that may be incurred by a companion investment so for example if you're Expecting the US dollar to go down You might want to hedge with gold or? Something in that nature You can hedge with a lot of different assets and commodities whether that's gold or cattle or silver so pretty much as Time goes by I'm gonna continue to watch ripple to see is this gonna act as a hedge against Bitcoin because if it is that would be exciting news because as a trader understanding how to actually place your trades and where to keep your money as price movements are fluctuating as trends are being followed and as you see channels form it's cool because If you know something is gonna go down, but this is gonna go up If this goes down, then you're able to move your money and then continue to create gains Beside the fact that the market is down So it's interesting to use that in a strategy so as we progress through this channel I may speak a little bit more about how I like to hedge against different coins So far I've used a lot of fiat currency Just because it's been such a volatile market but now that we're seeing a little bit of a change in a transition and in my opinion a Maturity in the market things are gonna change in 2018, so I'm really excited about that and with that said guys I hope you guys all enjoyed this video

Thank you so much for watching once again If you're not on our discord the link is in the description below It's an amazing resource open and available to all of you guys Thank you all so much for watching this video and with that being said snipers out