XRP RIPPLE NEWS what's going on my corn brothers and sisters welcome back to crypto land my name is matthew timothy and i just spent a week in budapest spending my birthday i've been totally off of social media aside from doing some Instagram stories so i haven't been making any videos for about a week today i want to talk about ripple why the price went up 71 percent yesterday but what cost that it was kind of a ripple effect honestly so catching up on some news but i really have some exciting stuff to share with you guys all almost hit 2k subscribers to insanely insanely grateful for that and didn't think it would go this fast like i promised at 2k subscribers i'm probably gonna hit that today i have something special for you guys i'm gonna give out $200 in in bit connect loans so if you want that if you want that comment below like this video and definitely subscribe and if you want more cryptocurrency videos in the future i make videos every single day about cryptocurrency so if you're new to this channel consider subscribing and welcome to all the new people that have come in over the past week good to be here with you guys welcome to crypto lands let's get into the video so first thing i wanted to share with you is the ripple escrow 55 billion x RP for supply predictability so article I ran across what this actually means is the escrow feature in the X repeat ledger allows parties to secure X or P for an allotted amount of time and until specific conditions are met for example escrow allows a sender of extra P to put conditions on exactly when a payment can be completed so the payment remains cryptographically locked until the due date we use escrow to establish 55 contracts of 1 billion X or P each that will expire on the first day of every month from what month 0 to 54 as each contract expires the extra P will become available for ripples you use you can expect to you expect us to continue to use extra P for incentives to market makers who offer tighter spreads for payments and selling extra P for institutional investors this was one thing to happen like yet last week his article came out last week the real reason why ripple really spiked 71% it hit it crushed 82 cents yesterday was this top Korean banks work with jet with Japan Bank consortium to modernize cross-border payments so basically yesterday this article came out the ability to send money globally in real time has caught fire in its international financial industry large banking groups such as Japan Bank consortium are leading the charge the Japan Bank consortium a coalition of 61 banks in Japan organized by SBI Ripple Asia has announced the launch of a new ripple pilot with worried Bank and shinsen Bank two of South Korea's largest banks with a collective market capitalization of more than 30 billion dollars the initiative will be the first time money moves from Japan to Korea over ripple net this is obviously awesome news and South Korea has one of the largest markets in crypto currency right now and been hub Corbitt and coin won three of the largest crypto currency exchanges in South Korea a crypto currency market currently account for over 50% of the global report trades over the past 24 hours the three leading platforms have processed over 17 billion dollars worth of trade surpassing the combined daily trading volume of bitch Rex baloney acts BitFenix bitstamp finance and kraken in south korea investors tend to move rapidly through word of mouth once several people are invested everyone else rushes to invest in that particular asset when a leading cryptocurrency like ripple begins to surge in value within the South Korean market by 10 to 30% the rest of investors in the market scramble to invest in it triggering a short-term surge in the price and daily trading volume crypto currencies that are heavily concentrated in South Korean market such as aetherium liquid cash ripple manera tend to increase by a large margins and decline rapidly at times as well because of the above-mentioned tendency of South Korean markets and its investors to move speedily based on their trends in the market so the more the moral of this story is if you're trading really look at the news especially in South Korea so have your your Twitter on look at look for articles because I've seen it diamond again you go to the market gaps and you see a coin that is going up like 10 or 50 percent bet money it's gonna go up like 40 50 percent you know and it's usually around the time that people in South Korea trade your CEU secret down on here 52 percent there were some more last week was awesome by the way I I went to Budapest I didn't do much at all I just relaxed it was really cold there but I was looking at the markets and it was all green so that's that's great wasn't freezing and crypto land at all anyways that was the video that I wanted to share with you guys again if you're new to this channel I do videos just like this every single day so definitely consider subscribing that was it see you guys on the next video and until then stop settling and start living the corn life peace