hi everyone this is Cameron from crypto cam hope everybody's having a wonderful day today now it looks like we are in for a little bit of turbulence in the crypto world with Bitcoin cash and Bitcoin there's going to be now a user activated our fork which will actually create a new version of Bitcoin called Bitcoin cash now all current Bitcoin holders will automatically on Bitcoin cash now very important though if you have your Bitcoin stored on an exchange like GDX exchange or coinbase on the several of our exchanges you need to be very careful because what is going to happen is they're only going to support the one original version of Bitcoin they will not support Bitcoin cash so if you have your money on those exchanges you will not be able to get your Bitcoin cash so you need to get your money off those exchanges you've got a couple of days to do it now and there's only a few exchanges that actually going to be able to support it and wallets as well so I'll just give you a quick list of these wallets and you can decide yourself which one you want to know transfer them into so as far as exchanges go Kraken is supporting Bitcoin cash that is one of them we also have BitFenix that is the porn Bitcoin cash bit tricks is also supporting Bitcoin cash its BTC via BTC bit from now also awesome of the main ones that are supporting Bitcoin cash now as far as Wallace Cole bitcoin ABC will be Bitcoin unlimited Bitcoin classic BTC com free wallet Konami is also another one and err bits as well will be supporting a Bitcoin cash now as far as the hard where wallets go we've got the ledger nan OS will be supporting it and trader will be supporting it as well so if you have a hell wallets you'll be okay and also I believe Kiki as well will be now why is this important why would you want to keep your Bitcoin cash you know why not just say not don't even worry about it and just keep the current version of Bitcoin as we know it and not even worry about you you know being able to access the Bitcoin cash well the reason being is when Efrain split and we had ephraim and ephraim plastic nobody for the ephraim classic was survived now look at it now it's very well traded it's worth money you know and i know i don't like giving money away and i'm sure a lot of people like yourself you know don't like doing that either so it's very important why should we go to the trouble of removing our Bitcoin from the exchanges and having both coins the reason is support it is going to be very well-supported bit Maine one of the largest miners based in China and yet BTC comm is also another miner they are going to be supporting it and the reason is they control a third of the mining power so you know if they're supporting it you know it's going to be very well received and it will survive I believe it will survive now if you do some research you'll see right now the current price let's go back to Bitcoin cache and see what the current price is I'll show you here okay here this right now it's at three hundred fifty five dollars and 91 cents so if you're on a Bitcoin or half a Bitcoin or several Bitcoin you're just going to throw that money away potentially and down the toilet no I don't think so I don't think I would either now even if it crashes and goes down to 30 and then it comes back up again it still worth money it's done money in your pocket now if it survives it's about if it doesn't it doesn't survive then you have nothing to lose but you know with the survive and actually traded as high as nine hundred dollars it's a future price actually doesn't exist right now until after August the first but the futures price at indicating 355 and it's traded as high as $900 so it's definitely worth money now there'll be a lot of volatility when it's all said and done but as you can see you definitely do not want to throw that money away that potential income so what happens okay well segue to was activated and signaled and it reached the 80% threshold and beyond but then the other miners decided some of those miners decided that they were going to activate the Bitcoin cash coins so they are deciding there is gonna split for a user activated hard for so Bitcoin splits now we've got split happening now just all that so just that you know happened within the last several days and that's why you need to be aware and you need to get your money out of your exchange if it's not supporting Bitcoin cash because you definitely will lose your Bitcoin cash that's for sure you need to be in control of your old keys and that's what we've always said if we're doing this and we're going to be participating in this cryptocurrency revolution we definitely need to control our old keys that is for sure so yeah now he has bit main and of course they are going to support the other side the Segway 2x but they're definitely also will be supporting Bitcoin cash because they see value in it now why why is it a value to us well Bitcoin cash does have some very very valuable properties apart from it being a I guess the little brother or sister to Bitcoin the reason being is you're going to get several major upgrades in the system it's going to be number one fast transact in seconds and you'll get confirmations within minutes it will be reliable a network that rooms without any congestion low fees you will be able to send money globally just for pennies it's simple easy to use no hassles it's stable a payment system that's a proven store value and it's secure the most well obviously the world's most robust watching technology with it being you know a oxy 15 Bitcoin so definitely something that you know you want to take notice so it's a potential way you can lose money or make money now I know I don't like losing money so I've already removed my money up the exchanges and I'm in a wallets where they will actually support it and you control your own private keys Jack's wallet is going to be supportive as well and also a lot of people that use Exodus you will be able to access your private keys on exit Exodus and you'll be able to transfer them into the clients wallet which will be released the Bitcoin crash claim while it should be released on on the 1st of August or very very shortly after that so that's where we're at right now and you definitely want to take action as you can see with these massive mining tools controlling 1/3 of the mining potential ash rates you definitely do not want to be left in the dust okay and it's you know potentially leaving you know depending on how much you want a thousands and thousands of dollars on the table you know we're not going to know what's going to happen until August first I wish it was August the 1st right now but it's not but you'll see this price fluctuate it could go through the roof it could go down to 10 20 bucks I believe it's going to stay and if it does go down apart from what I'm going to get from having my Bitcoin converted to Bitcoin cash as well I definitely if it drops a little I'm definitely going to be looking into purchasing it but as you can see it is going to be a very very volatile time indeed so we definitely need to be aware but you know Bitcoin cash is probably going to be here to stay I don't think it's going away so take action now before it's too late preserve your capital and good luck and if you did like this video please definitely like and also please subscribe I'm you know that will be very well appreciate it so please subscribe to this video I'm always bringing new ones out for you all anyways so I appreciate that once again like and subscribe and you all have a wonderful day and good luck thank you for listening bye for now