hello and welcome to altcoinxp, my name is anthony coinbase just launched phone support

let's try it run intro As of today, Coinbase's phone support is limited to trust and safety issues such as hacking limit increases, and ID verification issues

It is not for questions about transaction statuses or account history For some reason, I feel a majority of their current support problems have to do with the latter And I feel those issues are mostly due to user misunderstandings or users with locked accounts so it's understandable to not stress their new phone system with these issues Luckily I don't have one of those issues, which puts me in a good position to try out their new support service

I'm gonna be calling for the same account issue I explained in my coinbase's support sucks video which btw is my most viewed video, thanks everyone! Anyway, the issue I have is that I need to authorize a new device, but I'm not receiving the authorization emails I doesn't show up in my spam folders or anywhere

In the past, Coinbase has attributed this to their system blacklisting my email address Which, from how they explained it, they blacklisted my email address because I marked their address as spam When I did this, each time they send me an automated email, they are automatically sent back a letter from google To stop getting these replies fro google, they decided to blacklist my email address I don't think things work this way, but that's how they explained it

This is at least the 3rd time I'm dealing with this issue and each time they simply go into their system and remove my address from the blacklist I think this issue falls under ID verification issues so calling in should help Before I make this call, I want ot say that I was not asked to make this video and Coinbase will not know this throughout the call I made the decision to make this video after seeing Coinbase's blog post announcing their phone support Here is Coinbase's support number if anyone needs it

They're open mon-fri 8am-5pm PST Right now it's 3pm PST 1, 2, 3 let's call talk about how it went

add referal link to video and description m-f 8am-5pm pacific time� +1 (888)�908�7930 R/bitcoin R/coinbasel