Hello everyone, it's alex from the youtube com chips channel and today we're going talk together about the different crypto credit cards that existed then before to start if you start and want to learn more about the fundamental analysis I did for you a video training free full I invite you right now to register and start right away your learning you will find the link in the description of the video so today we will talk about four main companies that allow to have credit cards and in addition I will also talked about the year gone by to the banks you know maybe who can buy crypto money so we go start with crypto dot com that was called before monaco so they made a small name change to have a name a little more we'll say hype and also that does not make too much reference to the city monaco so for the blow crypto points like it's a credit card which will be connected to your wallet is a wallet that will count 40 is a very different team so I will not quote them all forty-one quito plus this fiduciary currency in the main ones that are going to be the euro the dollar and the pound sterling monaco is so crypto points as rather allows to have five cards of different credit so each time there are additional benefits so you have to understand that the first credit card it is free and do you will cost nothing but you will have fees that are going to be quite high and including quotas that will immediately make you pay as soon as you will make withdrawals or transfers of payments because the quotas are pretty restricted game to remove for example money as soon as you withdraw more than 200 euros you will pay fees to every time so it's good if we use it a little bit but it's clearly not actually done to use it as a major credit card so there are different versions then to have higher versions there must buy the crypt currency the mc high it goes have to sequestered them so it starts from 50 m is at and then the the biggest version is fifty thousand mc today when I turn the video one mc equals 4 of the so even if only for have access to the second version which comes back to aulnay has kept 50 mc you still have to buy for $ 200 mc it's still not nothing and you start to have particular cashback height of 2% so I will not actually introduce each of the formulas I let you go and see on the site anyway there is cashback of 1 at 5% one should not take note that unfortunately it is not yet available in europe saleh in the united states it should arrive in europe in a few weeks even a few months in my opinion but in any case for now it's not yet possible also what is interesting with crypto points such as being able to lend money and therefore receive remuneration up to a maximum of 8% so that's also interesting that we see that crypto dot com launches into the credit is in my opinion it's really interesting for them to do it because there is more and more precisely from platforms that do it in the next I just want to introduce you right after that then it's a credit card mastercard is the only problem is that I do not know if it is compatible 3d secure me I'm not it and I found no information by relation to that it's one of the biggest problems in my opinion is that today a lot of banks even gave to Brévaux banks fight for example and we can talk about it are not even 3d secure compatible so that means that you can not buy on all online platforms and that's really problematic because you will not be able to serve yourself all the time this credit card that means it will be a secondary credit card and you will need to have a major credit card so here is then there is a fee each time there are quotas as soon as we exceeds the quotas you the extra costs everything is clear all is well displayed in fact on their site so if you want to have all the info I will redirect you ray but to their site so it's crypto points like for the blow is still very very simple then we have nexo so nexo they come just seven weeks to launch their credit cards so this is a credit card that will be connected to the wallet nexo so there for once there is much less crypto currency in suede the bitcoin is terium the nexo the x rp the bnb the light coyne and then we'll find the three main fiduciary currencies that are going to be the euro the dollar and the sterling so what's interesting is that it's very clear compared to the credit card you can freeze or defract the card from credit like you like good actually you want to do it if ever in fact you lost it last you can the curly had actually no you find it so want to unlock you can create virtual cards that's really interesting especially for online payments it saves you from using your physical credit card that you can not replace as easily as a virtual card so all transactions will be displayed in real time you will be able to change your pin code via a vending machine no transaction fees so that's really their marketing it was really marked zero fees so unfortunately I did not really find any more details about that in my opinion there are necessarily quotas I have not really found much information yet I am in the waiting list today so I could not get more info that the mail they sent but in any case if I only base on their mails is to mark zero fees but in my opinion there will be inevitably fresh there will necessarily be quotas that will be applied then he talks about a cash back up to 5% I say so until so we do not really know what the conditions are for now since it's all new by missing even information what is also interesting with nexo its connections at the base this is a business that makes the loan so here it's the same it's a little bit like with crypto pocock in the end your wallet you and make it grow up to 18% a year so that's also interesting and more is that we can put ourselves on ans templeton for example we can put ourselves in usd c amp ax or any other symbol bangs on ex-highs you can actually lend to vote at bole happy code of see up to 8% and the advantage is that it is not blocked you can there have access when you want so it's still pretty interesting if you actually want to use the nexo credit card and in addition like that your money will not sleep as is the case today on your account you can make it pay 8% a year it's not much okay we're agree that 8% a year today anyone is able to do better that with a minimum of knowledge whether with the currency team or with the stock market so stocks and bonds but concretely him for a hundred is still not bad and in the end you take very very little risks the only risk is a liquidation of the business and your money that would go up in smoke that's about all so that's also a card a sorry card not in English mastercard and for once the 3d secure like I have no information about that so I do not know if it is compatible 3d secure or not then we have flocks rex so rex flocks it's also a credit card that's going to be connected a crypto wallet so there are 25 crypto and even fiduciary currencies so there is a cash back which is 05 percent which automatically gave in bitcoin then 0

5 for that we do not necessarily know much about its competitors where it can go up to 5% we will say that on average it is between 1 and 5% so the cash back I should a little bit my opinion about that at the end there in this case 0 5% it's really not much thing so the map credit for the coup it is free against you will have to pay fees about 12 euro per month of fees so it's based in london and they have a license of type i money there for once it's not a mastercard if the card is a card I have trouble I just say it in English this is a visa card not to mastercard is there for the coup I found the information like what yes it was compatible 3d secure so that's really an important point in my opinion that you do not actually have to neglect because if you often use cards especially on the internet unfortunately today many sites use 3d secure for protect from fraud so there for once it will be compatible with your your card why ex and there for once you can have if you are in France while by example it is not yet the case on crypto dot com and to finish codebase as a base also launched his card so basically it's really similar to others except that there is no cash back by cons where we will say that there is no badly of fees so they are pretty transparent compared to the charges the card it is paying for 5 euros there are quotas that are very very low d you will withdraw more than 200 euros on an atheist m you will pay 1% if you withdraw more than 200 euros on a hatem so a distributor abroad where it goes to 2% so if a visa card is the same I did not find info on the secure 3d seen that I do not have the cards I could not hate sorry so if you never have the info for the 3d secure and taste do not hesitate to put them in the comments so in the end we will say that overall they are look more or less some are going to be more expensive than others some will offer more cash back than others we still have crypto point com who for once hit him at several different offers while all the others offer only one offer the cash back it is higher on nexo where we go up to 5% whereas there is only one offer for crypto dot com in the end it is according to the offer where it goes from 1 to 5% honestly the offer at fifty thousand mc high that you have to sequestered in my opinion she's out of reach of most investors and even month in the end I find it absolutely not interesting then I would add scrolls gone you're a very little different why because the past does not offer you a real my team early in the sense that you can send and receive crypto currency actually with revolt you can buy crypto currency but concretely you can do nothing but speculation so you can buy and sell but they can not leave home bygone you you can just bring out euros or any other fiduciary currencies from your account is also credited and with the crypto is really compartmentalized so it's really pure speculative it's only to buy and sell you can not use it otherwise so that's why I put a little little else then revolt is the same depending on the offers so there three different offers a free offer a paid offer and a offers a little more premium with a metal card but which costs when even very very expensive there is over 10 euros per month so it's still quite expensive I find and there you can have a cash back up to 1% and only on foreign payments if you pay by example in France it will be zero point high percent which is really not great thing so then what's interesting is that the version free everything is free so there for the shot after it's the same there will be always quotas all free of charge actually does not exist that's not it possible there is always in fact quotas for the blow the quotas on the withdrawals are pretty low even for paid versions in the end we still have quotas so it's 200 400 and 600 euros per month it's a shame that paying more than 10 euros per month is still a quota for pensions this for once it's still a pity which is interesting with the past of these themes multi currency accounts you can convert to no more fee for example the euro with the dollar there there's a whole bunch of my challenge of hers so that's kind of interesting for crypto it is only limited to crypto that we will find in this temple because bygone working with so many lacks beats there for the kick the crypto panel it's pretty reduced other advantage these cards from virtual credits but that's the same it's depending on the offer that you go choose because of virtual credits the cash back can be pay directly in cryptocurrency so out it's interesting we can have in Mastercard or visa cards to classify according to if you have a card physical it's going to be a mastercard a virtual map it's going to be a visa is there for once I had to use the 3d secure does not work and it it's really problematic especially me which is a free sim card so to two euros actually I'm never in France it's useless for me to have more and ben in fact free a 3d secure post I can not pay my subscription with bygone I had to go through another card banking more classic so it's still a shame in the end to happen to still today not being able to pay everywhere even with your cards as revolt so here is not his little bit now to the comparison so now it's going to be against my agreement criteria me my criteria we will say that it is mainly what what the cost and the transaction fee has actually I'm going to look first secondly it's going to be the accounts pay third it's going to be insurance because I now find it obligatory to have a insurance me who travel anyway not bad who will rent very often cars that will go skiing etc in the end when you have a real gold card or card have said you always have assurances that will with and that's why you really have to pay with it especially plane tickets these car rentals etc that's it really important because when you need it in the end it's where you you realize how it's always like that the insurance we say that it is useless until the day when it is necessary serve and for once it's happened and I can you make sure I was happy to pay with a card gold or an elite card and then I will also look good this is a little bit the most concierge services of lange in airports then there for the shot and ben in fact the problem is that there is no offer today that will really answer all criteria including that of insurance no card offers insurance because they are not gold cards and even less elite cards and yet some are very expensive even the revolt the methane map of revolt so there is an insurance that goes with but when we start looking a little bit at the little lines there are quotas that are extremely low so it's better not happen to you really all serious because otherwise your quota will quickly be exceeded so that's actually it's the first problem there's no insurance actually that's going with so there is cashback it's great but in fact concretely me it does not interest me the cash back it's just pretty scored two ok it's great you pay you will receive a small percentage on each of your payments is great especially with why rex is 0 5% for each payment I made a little calculation for me I do about we will say 500 euros of expenses per month and in the end I calculated roughly speaking with a wide fork that will bring them 50 euros per year and concretely I do not care completely I prefer to have insurance on my card you will cover me more than 50 euros that cash back that's after it's my opinion anyway I think it's more marketing than anything else cash back it's just great okay we pay it feels a little bit of money in return but concretely it brings nothing the more I prefer to have a pay on my accounts as proposed next to ukip to the point like having cashback I prefer to have insurance because of the cashback and I would prefer to have a concierge service or airport lounge buyers rather than having cashback because in the end these services are much more expensive than 50 euros a year so that's what's interesting we'll say that nexo apparently offers a service at no cost but in my opinion there will be inevitably quota fees so there for once it will take a little bit wait to see in more detail when conditions are available there for the moment it is not yet the case in the following kitto points as it is interesting but watch out for me the offers the others actually paying are not at all interesting because you have to get kidnapped for it starts to from 50 m is the current price is 200 dollars and then it starts going up very very high up to 50000 mcs did 200 thousand dollars to to sequester a mc at the mc rise is hyper volatile in addition so concretely you take a big risk in sequestering two hundred thousand dollars of high mc for have access to what 5% cash back and then benefits that are all capped like discounts on it airbnb 100 euros awesome on expedia it's even lower you have spotify that is offered and to be fixed which is honestly offered you have less if you have 200 thousand dollars in mc I think concretely the spotify and the netflix honestly it goes over my head ditto for the airbnb and the actual expedition actually it's just marketing in my opinion we say it's great I have a credit card in the end I wins for example on netflix it will be maybe 5 euros per month on spotify of 10 euros per month in the end it forces you to sequester a large amount does the same waters and this is where we see the whole limit is that the problem is that if we have for example I take the example of the maximum formula but I know today the banks and especially private banks so I come mauritius I have access to a bank private because as soon as we have some capital in the bank in fact we have access to things that we do not have access to normally and 200 thousand dollars I can assure you that it gives you access to private banks and private banks concretely pay you almost nothing you pay almost nothing you have cards gold cards you have gold visa or mastercard cards you have the american express cards that you are given you have debit cards which you doubt you sense give you access to a concierge service a service of india you have your accounts including mauritius in dollars that are paid has almost 2% per year etc etc you have access to credits with specific rates finally in fact you have access to a lot of things as soon as you have some money on your account so in fact actually for me what m coc offers completely take off in reality because it does not interest no one today if you have 200 thousand dollars even if you have a private bank and so he says good private says a lot more more than just before access to spotify and netflix as an example in mauritius if you have a private bank you have free access to the day in all a heap with five-star hotels for example you also have additional discounts for example on all hotels in Mauritius or least a large panel of head of mauritius where you have 10 30% in fact of discounts here you have full full of discount and it's a lot more than just netflix and spotify which in the end does not cost much nothing at all so that's my opinion it's pretty like that on their website but concretely in reality it's not worth it at all then what is interesting to me these chips like crypto points and nexo compared to the compensation because in fact like that your account work your money actually does not sleep and you are paid up to 8% then the small negative point I would say it's more than a drop that seem overpriced do you want to have a lot of fees even the card it is Paying if you lose it need art country etc there is no cash back there is no insurance there is no remuneration so concretely the codebase card honestly seems not at all attractive compared to other offers that exist then other negative point that I was able to force on wiiware ex and well in fact I go to their site it is early he is still bound a beautiful everything but there is nothing in there is nothing there is no information one is obliged in fact of excavations and search for access to the costs I had to rely on information that are not even official because the fees page did not work when I did my research is still a pity in the end soon we want a little bit to look to see the costs in the end either not find either it's a little bit complicated for pouring gives a plus a sur as base for the coup it's immediately access to their pages of fresh then certainly they are high but at least it's not too hidden so here's me personally I do not really have a preference I think you understand that I think it's more interesting we'll say quit to the point like and nexo but then I'm not personally going to actually use these services there I precisely explained why because today actually when we start getting access to banking systems like banks private we actually have a whole bunch of services that are a lot more interesting that what can actually offer these companies there and even the companies like gone where n 26 in the end I realized that happened at a point in fact especially in relation to guarantees and insurance unfortunately it is not worth the traditional services including with the god will it cards and then all the services that will be accompanied in relation to that the conciergeries the linen the remuneration on the accounts the multi currencies etc etc so me that's why I use it absolutely not there today I think it's still interesting for you in particular as I could say thateto'o dot com or nexo at least that's what I think the most interesting then it is necessary to make a classification I will put rex flocks in third position and then as bates because that it's way too expensive in terms of costs here I hope this video you liked it I actually tried to be more objective possible and also of you give a little bit of my personal opinion about the banking system by compared to everything that exists today and here I'm repeating myself a little bit but especially who is at the point like all their palettes of two different formulas in my opinion as soon as we go on the biggest formula it's absolutely not interesting it's really not interesting is really even I do not recommend if you have a little bit of money inquire about private banks please you will have a lot more many more things and that will be given to you and you will not put in make your money at risk by putting it in mc we see there I hope it's clear listen if you have any questions especially do not hesitate to ask in the comment space here you liked the video do not forget to put a like and as for me I find you next week for the next video good week to all thank you