and so we got here test areas are fake stream looks good crystal clear and for Pete couple people that are jumping in its came from watching not TSI Allee good and only constraint tonight and Monday and a also will be getting started here and of test a couple minutes and she guys stop and into night of the stream and I know a little bit to one on the of the late side of of the live stream of although get people from all over the world it to login and and lot of light gray conversations tonight and Oman and absolutely outstanding on ranger what's going on all you got a guy my laptop your mouth and pull up the a chat on the on this one and a SEC as monitoring the of will start to get this kicked off your loan to we got an array of my notes and before we of 40 do that and I'll me a anemic a quick transition here we can see the other chat stream are ago are fixed and I pulled my notes and make sure we stay on topic of great diets it's it's amazing the Rio got everything popping up here, ju to cut a few things and from eight to make his position this is just a little bit easier to walk to say so and Arrigo and what's up as ago in a cop of the my best to Stan topic and a one love a light and sunny out and to its crazy obviously guise of all the non monitoring and a and seen that this sea of green and the s and clearly disconnected and I come back to this slew of news and me a scene all these things happening and it was just up and is really up unexpected of a and one side was going on in frozen and guest if you can still you're making me a thumbs up a novice furrows here to stream looks good and might be on non and be able to everything else seems live and I can hear me like it's a rate of continue here, and if it's frozen of money so I can do here would be a tear capture all you know what the video cap and I do that again and deactivate it was actually on my side here reactivate their ago it should be there a goatskin again alike should kick in one 2nd of my actually a day II move my other laptop and I hit the a eight the plug to oh and Sousa saint is connected for four days com as things happen it seems like every day is a weak and every week as a month and Owen and you go away for four days it's like I on a Friday I spent spent a little bit I'm trying to catch up with with all the great things happening on and to me it's it's aw you are seeing a DIS one Chad after the next everybody's see got this all revitalization was pumped up with a quick big question to say is really a sign of a up of the bull market and a number of love of of a articles you tubers whenever a ball really point on but if you look at the excerpt he eyed directly on a feed a year over your analysis on and we're we're seeing that you were a little bit ahead of the game so on there's great things happening we see a positive trend on as long as you see positive trends in something of always said you know when we when you look at your investment it's always at your investment year over year you know because if they were in this for the long-term trend is for the short term and we be trading in the traders are looking at technical analysis but Ryan did in a trade on on speculative investments obviously on is is a risky proposition on so and to that's really you'll really the theme so what was great is that the CAA Kay on the he's shared a bunch of stuff with Mayan and I'd look into this satin up in a really a but on one other things that he it sent over on and I haven't really town a lot of other information other than what was posted that the Federal reserve the fedwire went down for a period of time today or on a couple days ago on a day was a couple days ago so anyhow so there was a couple comments loosen the article that this was from yesterday on today's the third rate and edison's from yesterday so there was one person that posted something on read it on that they were there working in a financial environments and there are fedwire we what they're doing for shore Time now the question there they came up was that as you dig into it and I dug into the red it a c that was a posted on bit to a cloying as a band and from that point is then I when of you started do some searching to say hey w was there an issue all what happened that with the initial post it came up the vet that the pin this was actually a couple days as two days ago was posted so they said today the United States fed reserve experience an unexpected issue and one completely down no incoming or outgoing wires went through in the entire country it still on resolving yet done not one on so odyssey wherever they were on they were having an issue a sending a sending funds and tell somebody said is probably an April fool's joke but this person kept coming back and saying that there was an issue of what and went down on some other people tried it got up comments, and someone else it posted that they notice the same thing the prob is there zero news and I think one of the the biggest issues you know when you get into something like that whether it was factual or not factual and no on me and we know what was Posen read a we know what the article that they wrote ab on if it was a matter of minutes and it is a glitch in the system you know maybe not at all but what it actually an enlightened an analyzed a fedwire and fedwire has over 9000 a partners that they work with mostly out of a central banks and on that they ad on operated by a 12 a Federal reserve banks up in the U

S so there's there's a hole by there's a whole background to fedwire so I started putting something together on specific on a comparison of fedwire and rebel net and we'll get into that on a CKE thing to try new system on getting its deftly of this deftly possible that there be no implementing something they Yunus t of other then will the demos on dreaded nine big one missed it was hard to find additional additional info on a far show on what's going on me make sure I say alone everyone coming in so we've got done when we have here a Sarasota of reap of what's going on in to see one on eight is spar shot of excerpt he the standard and a scion bobby going on everybody and let you guys take that taking the time this evening to why join on the dunno this is a Jeff Woodall repor of looking for to the conversation today on his there is a a lot of great things to to talk about so on now and with all the good news and there's always it seems like there there always has to be a little bit of a fun and so first done a knot not timely and not necessarily the place wanna take financial advice from but any help to OJ and Kramer up in the sweet the from creek topless it says Jen Kramer and CNBC this morning as morning call people who invest in digital assets crypto maniacs there here today gone tomorrow on just just FY Jan they came in 2008 and are still here and strong ledges called this a good sign up for the crypto market on and they said at CNBC the NASDAQ clueless on it so II just find it interesting of they'd just keep attacking attack in attacking thinking that they know better off you've got now on years of men years so of of the via of expertise within the digital asset space the crypto space the black chain space on and then you have individuals like a Jim Kramer oriented Jamie dimon's of the world or of the list goes on all of the obvious got is extremely limited you know and yet here they are you know trying to login on trying to make gonna make statements and and you know in and I think that is really a ball telling on the tse are first time under show on your live show far judgement they can think for joining and ledger native other future money a glad you guys are on glad you guys are all logging in here on so Tutsi time yet on see a KB believe they said they were all work with partners to want to do transactions offline if their test and the about the fedwire on looking not actually looking for to love digging in a little been doing a little bit of a comparison not wi going on dive from Australia and ledger tune in and talk tough and are the deplorable zone of a sew up so so we have we avoid Jim Kramer said on and then we also have another fun article on CNBC and CNBC and Forbes seemed of love to post the of the flood on and so here's what we got here this is as is crazy young on the day it's grown by like a young $80,000,000,000 are something like that year over year on but were seen a consistent movem a law that I'm glad you did glad you joined on for the offers, live stream as well on so so check this out so this was on a CNBC again minus at CNBC and Forbes up for whatever reason you know they does law of trying to pump that the fund so hear this one th were likely going to see crypto currencies collapses as a earlier today on CNBC on and then they get into it obviously they always track back to a December 2017 they never go prior to sell the news for them starts when they started paying attentio and since they started paying attention when things hit 20,000 on obviously the reference point is completely incorrect so they start their article off the price of a point surge more than 15 2000 says 17 of near 20,000 son to see if you phrase things that way on obviously it looks like you you've seen a major pullback but if we put into perspective and we go a few months prior to the sambre you'll see you'll see the state of the digital asset markets in the state of where they pointed been as it was wrapping up on over a period of time and so really a there's been a pullback but the speculative a spike up in that December timeframe the news was deftly feeding the frenzy on as w they wanna make themselves appear like there are knowledgeable in in the game when they when they were so now this is them just up you know being a as being upset that they they didn't think about think of a Firstar get into the space to limit let me go back here and not some people the jump in here a body of a ledge you love glad you I joined in gray shaded on the tse here as Eddie oh on a from Florida a good to see one of Mac a 31400 a glad glad the run is well on so the head up and does a good point you know this little jump is nice but the lower rise of exce of you know if I had its edges I was just looking a little while ago of no excerpt he went and maxed out around 35 it's pull data back to around 34¢ on a still higher than where we were couple day on so I think that's a positive on and really the way I've always seen it when it comes to excerpt he on right now the markets all tie together on a week's we s off from bit cloying cache of all places on an like cloying likehas jumped up a significantly a noble has but we're seeing the whole market a kind of a moving in this upward trend of CE bit cloying spiked u a part of it was that we saw on three different exchanges was about $100,000,000 of a purchase 10 bit cloying on three different up theories as to who did a why they didn't make cetera of the

be no is that the market is still somewhat tie together when it c on and so were going to see the trend all ports because the markets moving up but when we see a big spike in excerpt he on excerpt he will I in it when we when we see the full up had the full utility of excerpt he a through ex rapid eye as its use up with and not the rebel net solution or on as we see excerpt he being utilized up with other solutions up and that that's wher on right now again were seen this this this light ran up its deftly a positive everything takes time though II would be more concerned if we see if we saw major jump up on dislike and in a stock market whene on reason so it's not gonna hold the event the price typically on and so that's where I'll be really concern so I like seen the on again this is long-term others so were to say if we see this incrementally keep going up which eventually the bull market is on and on to take that for for what it is on the odyssey of one estimate their own decisions when when you're investing in the s an omelet see here a far shot and we shed more light cloying anno it's it's crazy me from way back to be installed in like: not a wimp in the major on with the full of the real we realized utility of those digital assets is gonna be more in a store value on and there there really tie together they've been around the Pacific ones that are on the longest on a product continue to be you know why not the versa by a little bit you know you want put all your eggs in a basketball win one of diverse by little bit on sorry would see here a backup to what's a guy do the opposite of what they say alike that you know talk about their is up on CNBC and and Forbes in a on occupied by nance of that like that of of dentists and Myron what's going on Iden as Perry of a morbid kind of the most of us, and Jim Kramer as a good chance of that you know of at this point what it said were seen as a lot of things that happened behind the scenes and of later up later on in the chats and I were in ta point base and on and what happened yet with it the big delay with excerpt he and and their big announcement the other day is we on financial news reporter of and see what you think of it: price action open honor funds official first of all not an expert are fan and a point of its that's it with that that's the that's the typical response that we expect because they don't know they don't understand and they wanted believe or pretend that they understand an be all but most of its because the other just accepted it and think about it first that they didn't they want the first movers o on the tse here of we'll just jump down excerpt he's 49¢ and a way that's up and now a niche of which exchanges that on an eel me look, do a a real time when a look at the a coin market cap, see what the excerpt he's ever in a still sitting at their ago and IE 4¢ of ove a 9¢ on the tse of SEC News of what will get into that here in a little bit of excerpt he will Moon par shot me up excerpt the future what's going on and see here in the last full run like when mooned the first followed by excerpt he a few weeks later that's exactly right in th we saw a lot of positive trends but we we saw what we thought was a come out of the of the bear market before it even started coming up a little bit and went back down goes back up goes back down a bit stand if the 34¢ so that's one of t on its ear of of bar shot if you're purity logged off a good night as the area now locked up yet in glad you made on and on anno and Mac and that's a great you know, and you brought that up again with Kramer up the cause you to sell a great stock on and you know that that that's exactly why I believe in a typically and once it wants information hits the mainstream media it's already too late on bay at the left of the lift IPO perfect example if you saw the pump up on the up on the LIFFE the IPO in a second com of manipulating bit: pricing and suddenly show this one to only of the comments get the GATT blocks of the Golan and nine and ac on the IMS second and all the ESA with the stocks of typically you know that I think it's it's a lot of its fabricated a tool of which is happen with lift you know all the pomp and hype that and now if you look uplift on and be interesting night in 10th inning rally of care about what was happening with it on let's lo the the hype that they create a because it in a IPO environment on grade outset seven be so where they show in its upper dollars and see if it actually IP owed and at $7000 and the eye peeled and 70 possibly as Thomas of this one didn't have to buy big no of what's crazy about it is that one by the time it hits of main street and you're able to have to buy and it's already too late because tied the big pla and you get all the hype because they build up the hype what the valuation of the IPO is and everybody buys and but that's their been of the news is coming out that you know that their lift the IPO it's actually calling down and we're in a CIA retrace and Morrissey a drop down and out sovereign around $7000 so pumped up one day one of about 85 announ on and and we see the same thing in this space to on so it's just insane you know about you know you're just across the board to oh on the tse we got here on starting up a began yet thanks for a postings up upon non twitter tide diesel hound will come and see here on that up was at trek see excerpt the base for POWs that out there to watch trees manipulating a bit cloying price to buy cheap of the interesting that to watch the act of that video Ivan Ivan checked it out but you know any any information would be great always a supple trap excerpt he her excerpt violent that's that's a great 02 and no idea he also that's the thing that everybod a small spike and think they're in a benefit from the market on your dear to be gravely mistaken and I think that's where you're gonna get burned on you know but that's that's really the anticipation that you know you look at and you wanna turn around and sell or whatever on but even if it does pull back so what you not be bought in now at 35¢ an exce you overall when you when you're investing and the speculative space and a set it in a multiple times over of you know you to indict all is typically in my videos with as you know when you're investing in something like this you have t and that could be $100 be $8000 in the $10,000 whenever you're one of your budget is an idea to do a based on what's good for you on but if you can aff us so again whether you're investing $5000 are $100 or 8000 are or more on that mindset always has to be a present on if you're than may take a smaller percentage of it you know if you can invest human young 10% of obviously in that not everybody is in a position with disposable income but even small amounts it helps you know when you're saving money now to look at this and this is interesting because I talked about this on a previous video on and individuals that spend money on lottery tickets as people out there that can barely afford ought to buy food yet though: spend 20 your $100 on lottery tickets you know once a week of that money is to be quit lying to a much higher percentage of what their actual, income is all its a pet sitter spending 10% of their weekly income on lottery tickets matching at the top that 10% and they'd put in a jar they put in the bank you take that 10% you put it in dig tight it into something that's a value you know they'll just waste your money they'll buy lottery tickets that's wasted money th on the bed that since so critical you know that you do your own financial planning but it doesn't matter how much money you make millions of dollars and they're still broke because they don't understand the basics of money management of and then there's people that are you know making small amounts of money and only retire their that they can sacrifice the wasted thinks things that tone really matter at the end of the day like wasting money on lottery tickets wasting money on a buying coffee a $5

00 coffee and Starbucks take that same $500 the span every day and put it into a digital asset that's the it doesn't matter right because you what a waste of the many ways and then when worn a speck of speculative market it doesn't really matter because we're looking long-term are not worried about you know is this market can pull back again and g what the word out that in five years on but for right now of the anticipation and the trend if we look back a year to three year wouldn't be building how the technology to support this space if there wasn't going to be money in it in the future on so I think those are all you know important important points to to make on steward age mandate thanks for up they should be in on and and commenting on lending and to see one on the tse here latest of look back up here of Ralph brand in and to see one taken long ago while a way to the high and Russian and and was a sense, if that a New York and a and make sure of it she listens that advice and I so I made on Betty Riley go back here and see us some people don't hold of the trade name that's true of your training to me in this space is dangerous and a training on in Leschi know exactly which are doing on an year you're going to expect losses be used at the bouncing out its can be law of averages of you have a plan going into it in your trading stock swing tradi we're sticking to your strategy but you know you're buying and zinni know your buyouts on and you know your comfort zone on so y on and let me say that this would wear this on a people just need to hold and not worry about the day today prices I'll tell you wh on until until today I hadn't been open up a coin market cap of two sea and the sea price movement CL but now you know a number because of the the hype and the excitement that say that's going on in the space right now on but that's natural right will wanna see what's happened but when it's in a negative space in its end of pulling back on and again for a R expect a shoes five years old on to something then what are we need to look at it today for you know on Nev anno you they cited technical analysis would I don't think you can you even have true technical analysis on, speculative space on you know it still is still fall mall and the other things that are contributing onto the bump OPS and if you look alike now i that spurred the market how could you even anticipate something like that on the technical analysis on in advance up you know yo a pattern and would be extremely difficult up to understand those buying an omelet see here on stored age, and once forcing price up and down traders and those going short and long and that's that's exactly right guy up on its a LME Ike and a bet that no one ever look center for link a bounce on a weekly basis much less unabated that that that's a g of how many people monitor their 401 case and I can tell you you know when you do start Mana rear for like a you knocking to do put money into 41 K's and never look at it all on and and that's it still critical you know we still need understand of the movement of our of our investments the help we don't really understand it than we need to learn a little bit we need to do a little better research all we all know you a long-term time but to even even even now and we look at the trends of of the stock market you know we have to make sure that we're positioned ourse of its ear of a low as jump down a little bit on the chats and a second ago to go back up and I keep it up of the Solana dislike of excerpt you from the crypto community on my believe of this what held it back of could die that could be a part of it on there still I think it's really coming from a bid that could be a bit cloying only a crowd and I think there are still a little bitter that you have all coins that on they've come to the scene and is not all about bit c of new theory and thought process to do that were so I'm looking over my the laptop to look upon to check here and it's not how much you make its how much you say that's a good point Anthony on it you know what he had and there's there's a lot of great statements in here of diesel you know some of us gonna make it a son to a year you're gonna do what's good for you personally and you have to do what's it you wear your comfort zone as in so even when you're trading if you decide to trade on in stocks and of done that before in i a motion the emotion of the motion a bye in the emotional cell on and in and really rely on on the technicals and your calculations if you have the right strategy on with again even then there's no guarantee and also there's always that chance of of losing but up long-term holding if you look in the stock market is a hole on its it's always been on a on an upward strand as well you know so I think we can le alike that Dennis Otto buy Lotto anymore invest an excerpt he taught that's great us sy agreed appreciate that that's that's up amazing the body of concurrent with with Dennis Mann you know what to me they day on the of the Lotto is is that tax and its attacks on on individuals that typically you can afford it on and that's all it is in you a similar to casinos they also prey on on specific parts of our community because their selling them I dream of opening prayer that's not realistic on an aged a flash a lease a shiny things in front of a notes it's not something that to that is is beneficial on to the community a large but then here we are in the digital asset s there are really the change their mind set so how many people have gone into investing for the first time in their investing for the first time within the digital asset space on to me that that's super impressive because we have peopl on it that's unbelievable and so when we talk about the coming together of people offer the betterment of people the digital ass a invest smaller amounts of money so you can buy a fractional share of a big point you'll have to have a whole bit cloying you c it can buy a fractional share of Amazon or global war face book war on netflix or you any of the stocks and a boomed over and ov and ode to take advantage of the Cold War and Amazon it's too late you can't do it on but within the digital asset space you combine a fractional of shares are fractional parts of the digital asset is not really a share begin is said to me that that's so impressive you know that it allows people again to change their position in life ought to put money aside on but you still need to I diversify because a at the end of the day the others there's no magic elixir of its gonna make somebo on and unite the end of the day you know of a gig any notes it's really about a it's about that mindset to do what's right the four you individually on and and and you know you Gotta look out for yourself a to a TS it is on the emblem backups are in a day is just a ready for bed and he popped inside a a day and see all these of a cha on Myron on let's see here on tour agency of and Tynan, sister doesn't do crypto all but she compares it to Lotto and know what that that's a eventually shall learn shall come around and then shall realize you know that it again to me the Lotto is a place you're just sinking your money and you you know you're in a lose like, the casino and you mi the Yunus, it does take an arrest in a gamble at least here in the digital asset space if you're not looking to still that that tendency in a people wanna look for the next of the next big points alone a drill all the way down all looking for the super super cheap audit of a crypto on and maybe you know there's absolutely no use case you know for it but I think most people now are really in a hyper focus on on and understand the dynamics but those those that are on the top 10 of bit cloying like cloying on the theory of mommy see excerpt he on is out there because we see that we see the trend right now on everything that's happening in this really, brings me into one and two, skip down on a little bit here from BS of the things I wanna talk about today but you know one of the big ones on I don't want of a wrap up your data at 11:00 as well but on and let me find its ominous give way down so that the big news here to me of that was announced always point base so point wa that they're getting into a cross border payments and using excerpt he to do it you know so on that to me was it was very unimpressive a very important on overall and so you have the excerpt he and the US be a sea of t award ago and sequined base of the soft launch onbase year ago and so I think this is interesting to because of timing a so here we have loaded see us as an update this is from Monday on exists and it's a OM and then available and they sat in excerpt you to a service on Febru as I as an educational resource for customers to learn about the benefits of using crypto for cross border payments and I say to the right so now they're offering up to a sickly freeing a payment services for

base user on and so at this and the USD see that it was lanced launched last fall by circle on us DC was also offers stable point to be li you know for the past year everybody wanted point base onto lot to a list excerpt he and they held off they held off buildup and on as well that's an eight bit point base was not listing excerpt he primarily because of the issues up over whether not excerpt uses security and I know that was a case are not but it but what's interesting are all the coup when students as they can't let up two on we had e would some of the things they're working on but now we see withbase and adding a payment of ray like this ought to be able to allow people to a tape to move money on that to me and then utilizing excerpt he that doesn't happen overnight that it happened since February this is something that they had a plan for the ITU of design for they had two of a put the full architecture in the full implementation a process to gather it didn't happen in two months are three months and I believe that this is you must've been like a six month that something on this level on they wouldn't just you know roll out overnight like that so with this obviously you knocking a launch excerpt he and then wai and the go back of years aren't talked some of the of the chat and a common to goes by so quick, mom and focused on a talking on Diane it has been superb site in the past few days on Sarasota of Republic and lift was a joke way overpriced idea exactly a absolutely insane a same thing happen with twitter on with a day hike to top t on excerpt he deftly a to expect a bit points Arce legendary along on of its ear of guy a persistence be a stubby beats resistance holder excerpt he on seeded to see you glad to lead you logged in on might be on an tall its ear and out of everything we just talked about on Lotto and on the tse of do we know where the token taxonomy act is OK so this is a good one of the beekeeping and really up close contact of a figure that out actually were were rolling out a video on my made a video wit on to all the a congressional representatives that are on the Financial Services committee on and then hand of a drought Congress ought to really try to push them on to support of the token taxonomy act on there has bee on eight knowledge and that the the a progress on the there's some expectation a so what they were trying to do is get a one for 11 DEM for a for every one republican that supporting it on my believe that we anno of my night as the night it was coming before but now based on that the information that of the been getting on in communication with with the office there on it does seem that all were going on and then there's the others can be summed up there to precede this with a lot of big all rollouts and deftly a stay tuned off you know it does and this is really out of reach down of mention this as is where it gets so critical off from a grassroots level that we understand of the process a so when once once the of token taxonomy actor any bill but when the token taxonomy hackett's introduced a Congr and this is been part of their hold up again they want one for 11 day and for every republican and they want the dams on the Fin from a grassroots perspective are we having an impact a are we reaching out to the individual offices if you can continue a Shing contacting dye your congressional wraps contact their offices in your local area contact offices in DC on what ever you can do send emails pick up the phone and call them on acid has them where they stand in the token taxonomy act on it was introduced on in the 115 Congress back in December on odyssey now we're in the 116th us or needs to be reintroduced on more and more of the representatives of the staff and team members are reaching out to warn davidson's office to get more fee on its kids critical at this point now it's it's almost like to do or die moment on because it has to get supported it has to get past this is such an important up what's happening in the in the digital asset economy as a whole on and so we we need from a grassroots level to do our part on the Steven Shipp up he should be of making this video live us soon so that we can start weeding out on soulfully within the n but REIT we did send it to up any of your of you and your local of Congress people on if you can't we did to them if you can e-m all whenever whenever you can do a thing twitter would be very effective because now it's open in the public and we're in a sea you know are requesting the same thing on and so we should start seeing some feedback the other thing is all we want to also of knowledge that war and David Sandoval h of the original cosponsor that bill was ID Aaron Soto of Orlando on and now they're trying to get on a number of other key democrats all within the Financial Services committee did to join on soulfully that gives you guys us s on the likeness and stay tuned we should start seeing something coming very soon and only look three here at the Nikkei 90% of people and casino shouldn't be there to try and up on a rate so on Mac and I died I did not talk about what was going on with the SEC on at the sideline that done that so long conversation I t of that I can really anticipate talking about tonight on but the excel and try to wrap up here up in in in about 5 minutes on but of all do another a live stream on Saturday on from on the weekend and we can dig into of the up and talk about the SEC of guidelines and I wanna talk a little bit also about fedwi its sea of actually a standard be the 1% invest and diversify 90% crypto 10% precious metals up a number of this is a brand new asset class citizen and been created many years it's that's exactly right now and I and as a you know I believe that the other so much a niche as that's really really on impressive here and then what's going on like legacy one considers fennel by a technology here before but band and I'm glad y of you up everyone can do that then be phenomenal of yet it's just a Ike and I can say now if you going to have it be a descript on my put a link in there for your wrap button click on that on that's the house tucked ofrepresentatives of allows you to just put in your all year of your zip code and you can find your local law congressperson on my also have a spreadsheet of that I broke down and every of elected the congressional wrapped other local address in DC their phone number started filling out Saint Witter and put tight if you can reach I didn't find all this information on all so I even if you just I'd been in a Financial Services committee on you'll find a list of love everyone that's on and on why some of the previous videos I posted a list of on every represented as well so on and on I'm really mad really glad the guys join me tonight on on the stream lot of great engagement lot of great feedback are on it's always it's always a pleasure and I you know coming from law on a digital nomad investors stream and brats before that on my think if you you guys run there is well on I think that's awesome on really a lot of info and far shining on now with thin at these for the of the 499 the sent over that saw some on so on with that I think um die thinner wrap it up on again of look for to see you guys on the on the next a live stream try to do and twice a week ago Wednesday evenings on and then Satur I begin joint Saturday morning that'll be awesome until then I'd died look for to seeing you on keep on hotaling your crypto and an as is Jeff Woodall report