welcome back my coin brothers and sisters this is episode 100 on the crypto land show today I want to talk about xrp ripple but before I do I want to talk about this parabolic growth in Bitcoin Wow eleven thousand one hundred and forty eight dollars which allowed me to take some profit and buy this bad boy over here as we move into our 100th episode on crypto land I'm really excited to to take some shots with this drone as I'm going to Budapest like not next week I'm going to 8th of December so I'm really stoked for that but let's get into the ripple news that I wanted to give you because last week's video I got a lot of positive feedback plus I know a lot of people are interested in Ripple and I'm one of them you know 27 cents right now I still remember looking at ripple when it was 3 cents so it's really exciting news there is this article that crunch founder Arrington raising a hundred million X or P font I'm just gonna narrate the article really quick and then we can talk about it later on in the comments if you stick around announced a day at coin desk consensus invest in New York TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington revealed that he's raising a hundred million for a hedge fund that will buy and hold crypto assets while making investments in token sales and some equities and debts launching under a new entity called Arrington XRP capital the fund claims to be the first one that will require all limited partners to make investments in XRP huge huge news the cryptocurrency that power San Francisco startup ripples ripple net software the funds will also use X RP for all distributions and fees however most notable about the debut may be that Arrington emphasizes how it marks that he considered that considers the next phase of his career one that has already seen him fund that crunch one of the most for Internet Arab media startups as well as crunch funds a venture fund with 55 exist exits to date Eric Tim told coin desk in the last several months I've gone from crypto enthusiast to a hundred percent crypto I've only been looking at crypto deals me too this is what I think I'll be doing for the rest of my career far far from a bubble Harrington said he believes that the 300 billion cryptocurrency market represents only the beginning of a larger and more diverse ecosystem of assets I seriously think that will be in the trillions next year and we'll start to see institutional money he continued I think next year you'll see significant gains joining errington in the fund will be the will be Heather Heather hard a former CEO of TechCrunch as well as two other unnamed partners Arrington said that the fund has 50 million dollars committed to date with an eye to close it before the year's end given the nature of the fund itself however he noted that he is targeted at a more specialized demographic of existing cryptocurrency investors as opposed to the new buyers enticed by rising values of Bitcoin ether and other cryptocurrencies Arrington said he's looking to attract a larger number of wealthy individuals with already significant holdings in the market if you if they want to invest in the hedge fund they have to convert to the Fiat then the hatch front will come to converted into crypto for investments with this you can do a quick swab he said secret sauce yet in interview Arrington credited the launch in part to the idea that venture funds are not ideal for crypto investments given the approved approval process they need to conduct without peace they also went on to frame the font the frame the font use of ripples XRP token as one that would proof on the existing cryptocurrency hedge fund model by easing pain points one of the most notable issues he said is how much how such hedge funds typically make investments in fiat currencies only to have to then invest Bitcoin or ether in a new cryptocurrency launch we think XRP is a particularly useful currency because of their transaction times he said I think it makes a lot of sense to the nominate a hatch phone in a cryptocurrency the only downside is potential volatility against Fiat in return Arrington said he hopes the font-size will encourage a further diversification of cryptocurrency used in the token sales and often bootstrap these efforts for example he framed the market as overly reliant on Bitcoin and a third two largest assets by market capitalization in his font as one that is staking its claim on a solution he concluded I think investors are maybe heavier in Bitcoin and ether than they should be and I've been saying this on their channel since college since the beginning people are are only finding out about these other coins now so might as well you know get in before the masses do and I think ripple is definitely one of the coins that will take off because it is different from you know most of the other coins plus there are a lot of other coins that have great potential and on this channel we go right into those so let me know in the comments what you think of this article I would love to discuss this with you guys i i'm personally invested in ripple most of you know this already if you like this video and what other people if you like this video and want other people to participate in the conversation down in the comments share this message with your going friends and coin brothers and sisters and we can all have some fun here in crypto lands this was an article on ripple i really wanted to share with you guys hope to see you on the next by the way if you have signed up for a big connect with my link you should me an email at info at corn Lodi you because on your first loan I will actually give you a cash back so if you want that I have information on that in the first comment which I will pin and yeah that's it say LT guys see on the next one see you tomorrow