BitcoinFundi is a Bitcoin exchange used in several countries in Africa It started in Zimbabwe, a country that has fought through civil war and erosion of currency

Just recently as of today, its added two trading pairs, Dash and Litecoin onto its Bitcoin platform BitcoinFundi stated that the move was to widen the scope of their exchange and bring digital currency to an increased number of Africans This source of information was from a Zimbabwe based news site, Techzim which stated: This all comes in an interesting time period where Bitcoin exchange services will be shutdown due to Aug 1st Segwit implementation And quite frankly there are quite a number of exchanges where people can send or receive Bitcoin That honestly puts these exchanges in a risky situation as all their eggs are in one basket

But this Aug 1st delay is not suppose to last longer than a few days so these overseas, only-Bitcoin services should be okay In general, it might be a good idea for these exchanges, acting as remittance programs, to carry more than one crypto At least 3 sounds adequate Those 3 would obviously be Bitcoin, Dash, and Litecoin With respect to a majority of exchanges, they must overcome trading volume

According to BitcoinFundi, less than 1 BTC has traded on the exchange in the past 24 hours, and the monthly total is 17 As a result some of the coins are trading 20% over the valuations shown on Coin Marketcap Dot Com For example, Bitcoin could be trading more than $30000 higher than its global market cap However as I have shown on this channel, the volume of Bitcoin transactions still continues to grow in Africa, and thus its overall adoption still looks bright for the future